Let’s talk about Nicole

Who is Nicole? is the main character of my new mystery otome game that will be out… “soon” (probably after the summer though).

I know that during the past… 6 months? Loren has monopolized my blog and forums, and even if I wasn’t able to advance the other projects as I hoped, some of them made good progresses, such as Nicole (the game will be very likely called just that “Nicole”).

How Nicole looks like? she’s pretty cute I think, check below:

As you can see, this time I decided to have lots of options, both in hair style and clothes. She has more clothes and hair styles than those showed above.

Nicole studies law and she just entered college. However, as soon as she arrives, she discovers something. An excerpt from the game story will explain better than my words:

    “This is going to be wonderful…exactly what I needed! A prestigious university like this will be perfect for me to study at.”
“I sat down on the bed and reached for the bag that contained my netbook. It didn’t take long to get it connected to the college’s internet and I clicked around to see what kind of local websites I would want to have bookmarked.”
“I clicked a link to the local newspaper, humming cheerfully as I saved the page. I scrolled down, my eyes zipping across the headlines quickly. One in particular caught my attention.”
Nicole “Multiple disappearances…? Could it just be some kind of rumor?”
“I frowned slightly when I saw it and leaned forward as I clicked to read the full article.”
“My eyes widened when I read more of the article. Some of the worries I carried with me onto the campus lurked around in the back of my mind as I continued reading, my frown deepening with each line. The writer of the article looked credible, as did the information it contained.”
“Three disappearances…why would so many students just want to leave so suddenly? Or is there more to it than that…?  I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about it before…but I suppose they do their best to keep this sort of thing quiet.”
“And these journalists all try to use scare tactics. If it was too bad, they wouldn’t be able to conduct the classes normally like they do now.”
“Still…this isn’t a very reassuring thing to read on my first day…”
“While simply learning that there had been numerous disappearances was an unpleasant thought, the chilling closing of the article was what stuck with me the most.”
Nicole “And they were never found…”
“I pushed my netbook aside and wrapped my arms around myself as I shook my head quickly.”
Nicole “Well, it shouldn’t be anything that I have to worry about…I’m here to learn. I just have to be careful…people disappear all the time.”
“It’ll all be alright. I just have to find my ways to the classes and everything will run smoothly from there.”
“Maybe the people here won’t be exactly what I was hoping for…”

So, while it won’t be a horror game, it will have a bit of suspense. It will still be a family friendly game though!

What about the other characters? Here’s Chandra, Nicole’s roommate:


She is friendly, and she’s one of the best cheerleader. Her goal is to dual major in education and athletics so she can become a cheer leading coach. But perhaps she’s hiding something…

Lastly, there are 3 more male characters that you can meet and date. However for now I’ll introduce only Ted:


He works in a convenience store near the campus. His father is a police officer, and wanted him to major in law, but he is also working to raise money for his studies. Later in the game, thanks to Chandra you’ll discover some rumours about him and his father…

Being a mystery game, I cannot go too much in details, so will keep the characters introductions quite short, since there are many hidden secrets beyond the surface 😉

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8 Responses to Let’s talk about Nicole

  1. mugenjohncel says:

    You already took control of my wallet… three times…

    And seeing how cute (and non-androgynous XD ) they are… I’m gonna pull it out from my pocket and say… “PLEASE!… TAKE MY WALLET… AGAIN! I BEG YOU!!! :D!!!

  2. cladinpink says:

    Ohhh, I like those previews! The art reminds me a lot about Love & Order, and the same goes for the suspense-based plot. Simply put, I have to give this a try!
    Just out of curiosity, will there be any possibilities for GxG romances, or will it be hetero only?

    • admin says:

      The artist is indeed the same as Love & Order and Always Remember Me. There is one GxG romance with your roommate Chandra 😉

  3. Amy says:

    In the outfits, there’s Nicole in the cheerleader outfit. So… can be cheerleader? (just say yes or no because I think I figured out how to get that outfit on!) btw TT ^ TT so hard to raise zeal.

    Is it the same culprit each time you play? :\ would make sense if it is…. gosh I hate him. But it’s kinda obvious who the culprit is. I though you would make this harder though. Like, you exposed his identity at the beginning! ^ ^”

  4. Sami says:

    When I open the game it always says Male Romances active, but my question is, When will you be making the gxg Romances???

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