Amber’s Magic Shop sneak peek

This week was really busy working on the monkeycoder VN engine, burocratic/financial stuff and webdesign. Yes it wasn’t really a great week even if togeter with a new writer (who seems really good) we managed to lay out the first draft of the main plot outline for Loren sequel – not the expansion, but the sequel that will be out not sooner than next year.

Why do that now? because the artist was free from previous tasks and also because making the art for the first game took almost 10 months, so better start in advance!! 🙂

Speaking of writers, and about the title of the post, unfortunately yesterday got an email from Lorelei, Amber’s writer, who told me that for personal reasons she can’t continue writing the game. I am sad but I wish her luck in her projects. They’re doing a very interesting BxB game called Break Chance Memento, check the official website.

I’ve already got several submission from writer, I’m going to decide very soon who’s going to write the game. Meanwhile check two juicy sneak peek (if you follow me on twitter you already saw them):

Amberromances Ambercast

In the first image you see the possible romances. From lef to right: Daniel The Wizard, Stan the Noble, Bernard the Bounty Hunter and Ruby…the vampiress! 🙂

In the second image, you see other secondary characters: Lynn the herbalist, Manuel the adventurer, Vin the witch, Amber with the new look, Haros the wizard, Roy the noble (Stan’s father) and Thomas who is Ruby’s little brother.

The game will be a life/dating sim with a potion-making gameplay element. I thought about turning this into a RPG too but… I need to breathe 😀 maybe will add a resource / ingredients gathering minigame, but in general will be a dating/life sim.

As you noticed there are 3 GxB and 1 GxG romances, but each one has four different endings! Yes, because the game is based on the concept of Light (Good) and Darkness (Evil). Based on your choices during the game, you’ll end up with one of the 4 possible “alignments”: True Light, Light, Dark, True Dark, and the game endings will reflect that.

It’s definitely a “serious” game with adult themes and some shocking scenes. The art for the game is almost all done, so I’m eager to have the plot fully written so I can code it 🙂

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6 Responses to Amber’s Magic Shop sneak peek

  1. meichan says:

    Eh. I want to romance Daniel and Thomas too 😀
    Um, Seriously , other girls are more beautiful than Amber. Why?

  2. Daistarir says:

    OMG!!!! AWESOME ARTS !!!!

  3. Bill says:

    I always ask myself why you don’t include more GxG romance options. It is proven to greatly increase revenue. That is why you see even conservative developers offering GxG options. Just a thought

    • admin says:

      Lol are you serious? I’m probably the indie VN author that has more yuri games in the works EVER!
      Nicole Yuri
      Amber Magic Shop
      Planet Stronghold 2
      Loren 2
      Summer In Trigue
      Roger Steel
      Undead Lily
      Queen Of Thieves

      and probably I forgot some. Those above have all at least 4 GxG romances!!! 😀

  4. Taina says:

    I look forward for this game.
    It look very nice and I’m a big fã.
    Sorry if my english is messy
    I’m from Brazil.

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