It’s time for a Spirited Heart 2

If you follow me since long time you might remember that I was talking about Spirited Heart 2 in past years. In my original idea, I wanted it to be some kind of online game, a free to play maybe or with some multiplayer gameplay elements.

And because of that, I was postponing it year by year, despite having all the background and art needed. I kept saying “well this year I don’t have enough knowledge or the right tech, but next year…”.

Result? After waiting for so long, I am still not ready to make a game like that. But most importantly, I don’t think I would even have fun doing it! So, after I got an overwhelming response for my “writers wanted” twitter message, I thought to ask one of the writers to take care of Spirited Heart sequel.

I think I was doing a mistake to postpone this game for so long. I was a bit brainwashed by the success stories of other people doing online/free to play games, but the reality is that I wouldn’t know where to start and very likely I wouldn’t enjoy doing it either 🙂

Anyway I decided to go for it. Of course won’t be ready this year, because even if I was get all the texts in the next months, I will still need to think about the gameplay, and is very likely that will try at least to get the game done with the new engine so it can be played on iOS. But at least something is moving.

Here’s a sneak peek/promo image featuring Ramas and Thofte, with the updated art:


(Ramas background is the graveyard by night in case you’re wondering. It’s one of the jobs of the game).

I also got the chance to hire again both the sprite and the background artist who did the image above to commission more art/content since I want the game to be a worthy successor to the original game.

About the other games, as I said found a new writer for Amber Magic Shop, got more art and totally hilarious scenes for Roommates, the latest images for Heileen3 yuri version (see image below)


And I think is all… ah no, actually there’s the Loren expansion! Well not many good news about that since Aleema had hard time with the heat wave that hit the US even if she’s trying to finish by end of month, and also I am still missing one colored sprite for the final scene of the expansion! 🙁

But with the help of another great writer I finally got the sequel’s plot fully outlined so I started commissioning the new images for the game. Here’s a lineart preview of one of the new playable characters, Breza, and an old acquaintance, Rei.


That’s all for now, see you next Friday!

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4 Responses to It’s time for a Spirited Heart 2

  1. Cassie says:

    I cant wait to see the new Spirited heart! I love the revamped art work it looks amazing! 😀

  2. Daistarir says:

    Oh YES!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spirited Heart games !!!! And the Loren is a good game ,too!!

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