The importance of variety

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I’m referring to the importance of variety in the characters present in games. Quite often when you see manga art, “stylized manga” in particular, is a bit annoying to see all the characters basically look the same, with only different hair/eye colors but same face and build type.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be classic pin-up characters in games. There can be, but there should also be other types. Not ugly or unattractive, in particular if they are a love interest, but simply different because even in real-life, people have different tastes.

For example, even if in my games often the women are busty, in real life I prefer the more slim type. Yes there are men who likes small breasted women! 😉

So it was my mistake for not trying so far to have different character, more variety. Of course, in some cases is also because the artist themselves have difficulties drawing different body types. I understand them, since I’m sure that is not simple. However, if all the games had the same pin-up characters it would be a bit boring!

So let me introduce you two new character from Seasons Of The Wolf game:

Krimm, a barbarian woman with muscular body

A request I got from my forum users was to have a strong, tall woman like Loren, but that was also more muscular. So here’s Krimm the BxG romance! I’m also pleased by her face, since is quite different from the “standard” shape you see in my other games. A curiosity, as reference to use for her face, I sent the artist a picture of Jessica Alba 🙂

Riley the illusionist: don’t underestimate the sexyness of the BEARD!

When I read in my forums people whining “you never have males with beard!” I admit at first was laughing. Beard? like… Ramas the dwarf? 😀 But then I understood what they really meant, so I commissioned Riley, the illusionist and BxB romance of this game.

I have to admit that when properly done, the beard makes the characters really more intriguing, so expect more bearded characters in future 😉

In other news, I will very likely start preorders for the otome sim game Nicole towards the end of the month! The chibi artist resumed working, so once she has finished all the activities icon the base gameplay will be done. Writer is still working on Jeff’s route, and the mystery paths are to be done yet, but the current texts are already close to 100,000 words, so more than enough to start preorders 😉

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9 Responses to The importance of variety

  1. hanako says:

    I’m amused that people asked for facial hair, considering all the WHINING I got about the one character with a goatee I ever did. In that style it looks better on Riley than it did on Bastian though 🙂

    • admin says:

      Indeed, I think artist’s skill and also manga style are very important to “successfully apply a beard to a character and still have him sexy” 😀

  2. Michaela says:

    Krimm looks sexy as all Hell. I don’t really have a ‘type’, as such, and I tend to find all manner of women beautiful, but I do love a strong, muscular lady! In contrast to a culture/trend that says women should be as small as possible, I think strength is super hot (and there’s nothing to say that petite women can’t be made of iron).

    Personally, I don’t see the Jessica Alba likeness, but I do think she looks a LOT like the Swedish popstar Loreen. Look her up!

    I think, Riley is also a very attractive character (although his right arm looks a bit disproportionate). I know a lot of women who LOVE guys with neat facial hair. Personally, I really like his lovely long hair, which contrasts with his handsome, rather masculine appearance. His robes are also very stylish but masculine.

    Love your work, by the way–and, if these characters are anything to go by, I’m especially looking forward to “Season of the Wolf”.

  3. Michaela says:

    P. S. Thank you for giving Krimm a proper breast plate, and not a pair of metal boob socks! 😉

  4. katic says:

    Yay for men with facial hair and women with realistic proportions. <3 LOVE the artistic direction you're heading!

  5. JT says:

    Men with beards make the best love interests 😀 Keep up the great work! Looking forward to all your upcoming games!

    • Libearian says:

      Agreed! Personally, I prefer my men with facial and body hair, and there is in fact a community of fans who do appreciate hirsute dudes.

      But anyway, love the character designs, especially the effects going on around Riley. Very eye-catching!

  6. Lex says:

    LOL! I am going to “downvote” the beard.

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