Roommates update

As wrote in previous post, the next game that will be out is Roommates. My trusted writer Michael is reviewing the whole script scene by scene to make sure everything is OK, but because the game is LONG, that will take some time 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m setting up everything else, like the contents of the bonus version:

A preview of the wallpaper you’ll get when ordering the bonus content version of the game

Wallpapers, original soundtrack (including the theme song “My Name In Lights”) and more.

Even if is a dating sim, this game is quite different from Nicole.

First of all, the scheduler is more similar to the one I used in my games of the Flower Shop series. You can’t visit each location and choose an activity like in Nicole, more like you plan your week and then press play to see what happens.

The contents are also different: Nicole was more family-friendly, while this game is more like my early titles (Summer Session for example) where there’s a good amount of comedy and sexy references, as you can see from the screenshot below:

Isabella trying to explain her views on Anne (work in progress texts)

Some of the CG scenes are quite hot to be honest, not like the Loren uncensored ones, but rather hot. I think that during the beta will ask users feedback to see if is better to make a censored version of those as well 😉

Finally, a good news (for those who don’t know it already): you can play as male or female immediately, no need to wait for an extra version. I am still thinking to allow people to purchase the two versions separately, since I am not sure how many people like to play with both genders.

In any case each version will be cheaper, like $15, with the possibility to get both for $25 instead of $30. So pricing similar to my other games, or cheaper if you want to play only as Anne or Max. Of course, you’ll be able to “upgrade” anytime in case you change your mind 🙂

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14 Responses to Roommates update

  1. Matt says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Miakoda says:

    As for splitting up the characters, that is up to you, but I have no problem with it as I intend to get the ‘deluxe’ version as it were (with the bonus content, etc.)

    As for a censored version? I like the option to have both. I admit, sometimes the outfits for the censored actually seem ‘sexier’ than the non-censored ones.

    Of course, you know your target audience 😉

    • admin says:

      Well after speaking with writer there are only two scenes which require some small adjustment, but not a big censorship. Just covering a boob and adding more vapor puffs into a particular shower scene 😀

  3. Anony says:

    Looking forward to Roomates.

    I mean no offense but to be honest, I just only hope that it wont be disappointing as Nicole was for me.

  4. Atarun says:

    I’ll probably play a girl on my first playthrough. Then if I’m motivated enough for a second playthrough (which admittedly rarely happens), maybe a guy. But regardless, I’ll buy both versions, if only to show my appreciation for having been given the option. 😀

  5. Loren-fan says:

    Hi, will you be holding a Christmas sale? I need to know because I totally missed your Thanksgiving sale. ;_;

  6. Maus Merryjest says:

    Will I have the choice of playing a guy, and romancing a guy? :1

    • admin says:

      Yes if you play as Max you can romance Rakesh. Unfortunately there’s only one homosexual romance for each gender (so Anne with Isabella). But at least you get 2 CGs 🙂

  7. Josephine says:

    OH ho ho ho ho >:) Max is so buff
    *french laugh* OH hon hon hon hon
    I can’t wait for this! >=D

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