Christmas Sale and best of 2013

Early wishes of Merry Christmas from my cat Gilda

First of all: I’m doing a Christmas sale with all my games 50% off, including Nicole!

The predefined bundle discounts are disabled, so differently from previous times this works also when buying the various bundles like Flower Shop, Spirited Heart, Heileen series, etc.

Christmas has come early this year 😉 The offer is valid until the end of the year.

Best Of 2013

Like in the past, I want to review a bit the games I released during the course of the year. If I had to make a ranking for the titles I made this year:


1. Nicole
2. Heileen 3 Sea Maidens
3. Bionic Heart 2

I absolutely loved Nicole writing! Heileen 3 was pretty good too. I liked also Bionic Heart 2 to be honest, and for me would be about same level of Heileen 3, but judging by the sales seems that most people preferred Heileen 3 🙂


1. Heileen 3 Sea Maidens
2. Nicole
3. Bionic Heart 2

This is probably heavily influenced by my tastes. I know many people didn’t like much Nicole’s sprites, saying they lack variety and so on. Well, personally I don’t think is so apparent. I put Bionic Heart 2 on last place but that really doesn’t mean I didn’t like the artwork (character artist is same as Loren, my favorite!). Heileen 3 is first because of the setting, landscapes and also because I really love Rebecca’s work (she was the artist of all my Heileen games).

Best Gameplay

1. Nicole
2. Bionic Heart 2
3. Heileen 3 Sea Maidens

Nicole’s gameplay is quite similar to Always Remember Me, but has more variety of items to buy, a more intuitive interface and better GUI. Heileen 3 gameplay was good too, albeit I admit more repetitive than Nicole’s, but I have to consider that the game originally was meant to be a simple visual novel, so the result was still good.Personally, I loved the Bionic Heart 2 “social battles” and I would like to have them again in other games, like the RPGs, though I’m not sure if players liked them or not! 🙂

That’s everything for now, have a good time during the holidays! 🙂

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8 Responses to Christmas Sale and best of 2013

  1. Miakoda says:

    For me, the biggest problem I had with Heileen 3 is actually similar to one I had with Spirited Hearts. And it isn’t the story, or the tidbits, but if one goes to raise attributes/skills, it fell into a ‘grind’ trap (and in a bad way). I don’t mind grinding in general, but it does sometimes get in the way of a story. Of course, balancing such things is difficult, and someone certainly may enjoy that aspect.

    But as for gameplay, etc. I definitely think Nicole hit it on the head 🙂 Now if only the Yuri version gets finished soon 😉

  2. ChaosMorning says:

    So by ‘end of the year’ do you mean past Christmas? Just making sure – I usually get some more money coming in after the holidays when I no longer have to spend so much, so that’ll probably be the time I can get some new games (Heileen or Bionic Heart, hmm…).

  3. Lonestar51 says:

    Heileen 3 has better writing than Bionic Hearts 2? How so?

    Bionic Heart 2 has a great story. Some depth, and much fun while you go through it. While in Heileen 3 I dropped the demo very fast. Now there is a pirate ship. But the only char which behaves halfway like a pirate is supposed to be characterised as a heartless bitch. Or at least it seemed this way, when I uninstalled…

    • admin says:

      Haha are two different games, but I was referring into the specific to the Yuri content only, so yeah that can’t be read in the early demo (the yuri was added later and starts after some in-game days).
      Anyway I said I liked both, but based on feedback/sales, seems that Heileen 3 is more popular 🙂

  4. Dove says:

    Your games are great but theres something wrong with all of them.
    They arent on cd.
    I would love to have some of your games on my Dating sim game shelf as I feel they deserve to be there. I cant really download a lot of stuff onto my computer so you can see why I would want it on cd T_T You can do what Hanakos doing ^_^

    • admin says:

      If you’re in US, there are friends selling my games at the various anime/manga/comicon conventions on CD! I know I wanted to make a CD version of some of my games but I can’t find the time to do it, too busy ^_^;

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