SOTW act 2 beta and Heileen 3 on Steam

A dialogue in the infamous “bathhouse scene” between Althea and Chalassa, the yuri romance

Two big news this week, though as always if you follow me on the social networks you likely already know about them 🙂

Seasons Of The Wolf beta

First of all ToA: Seasons Of The Wolf ACT 2 is now ready to play/test. I can’t provide a direct link to the download since changes continuously (because of the updates!) but you can always find the latest news/link in my forums here:

It was released the 12th July, so even early than my own set deadline of mid-July! During this week I’ve fixed and improved the game greatly, even if now I’m taking a break and I don’t plan to add any new features, because this game, gameplay wise, is already a HUGE LEAP FORWARD compared to Loren’s system 😉

I plan to resume working on ACT3 towards the end of month though, to have it ready for end of August or September. The final game very likely will be done around October/November (just a guess estimate though!).

Heileen 3 on Steam

The second news is that Heileen 3 is now available on Steam too. Like for Spirited Heart is the “complete version” so both male/female romances.

Previous customers that bought both versions can get a Steam key here as usual:

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more news next week! 🙂

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4 Responses to SOTW act 2 beta and Heileen 3 on Steam

  1. Laila says:

    Where can I download the act 1 beta? I tried the link in your forum, but it didn’t work?Any suggestions?

  2. Lya says:

    Please add Heileen 3: Sea Maidens to steam.

    • admin says:

      Is there already, the Heileen 3 contains both romances (I couldn’t split it like I do on my site for that game).

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