Summer In Trigue – Alex


Time for another intriguing character from Summer in Trigue!! 😀

Alex is a cheerful young singer from Trigue. She started singing while a very young child and kept at it, initially simply because she enjoyed it so much. It was only after much practice that she discovered she had an innate talent for it as well. She later partnered with a friend of hers who was a skilled song writer, and with his help she is now able to make a decent living off of her voice. She spends a fair amount of time singing in bars and clubs, and really enjoys the more personal atmosphere of singing in such places.

Alex is very confident in her abilities, her looks, and herself in general, though she is not particularly arrogant. She simply feels that people should properly recognize their own talents, and that when someone denies the abilities they have been clearly blessed with, it is very depressing and sometimes even a bit insulting. So she like to dress sexily and is never shy about pointing out what she feels are the strong points of others.

Alex likes kids a lot. Despite her fondness for them she doesn’t actually have much of a desire to ever have a child of her own one day, but she really enjoys spending time mentoring or tutoring other people’s kids. She wants to be an inspiration to others, and usually succeeds at that fairly well, though sometimes some embarrassing and unfortunate aspects of her past crop up. And sometimes she still acts against her better judgment and causes complications for herself.

Alex is playful, and can be a bit absent minded and forgetful at times. This, combined with some impulsiveness, has occasionally gotten her into trouble and often earns her some teasing from her friends. When spending time with her friends, Alex enjoys puzzles and games, but in general just loves to be with them regardless of what they’re doing. If she is with some friends who are having a good time, Alex will be having a good time as well.

Heirs & Graces romance sneak peek

As you might know, I’m also doing a yaoi-only dating sim, my first one ever (there was yaoi romances in my RPGs, but never a dating sim). I have made a sneak peek of the romance CG in the image below:


Interesting, right? 😉 Currently doing the backgrounds while writer finishes the various paths. Like all my games, no estimate release though I believe it could be out for this Summer!

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7 Responses to Summer In Trigue – Alex

  1. Mirror says:

    I hope it’ll be on iPhone on summer too ^////^ but if it’s not I’ll get it for my laptop so I don’t wait ^///^

  2. Canyon says:

    Hellooooooooooo, Alex! It keeps getting more difficult to pick a favorite character from Summer in Trigue. 🙂

  3. Just a passer by says:

    Well good luck with that!! I have no interest in same-gender romances and i never do them in your games, but its nice of you to cater to diversity. I support variety and catering to all preferences even if i dislike same gender romances myself. i’ll be skipping both of these games. But good luck!

    I dont usuall register with developers forums or visits their sites but Ive been replaying nicole so I really just wanted to come out and say this:

    but nicole was pretty darn good I love Ted types the most since they are responsible to a T. I love his work ethic and how serioud minded he is, though he takes it too extreme at times- honestly really the scene towards the ending. sheehs. dont turn a nice character like that into desperate creep at the last moment. Vut well i guess i could understand where he was coming from. But the sort of exaggeration i saw in this game tends to put me off very much- as I thin the writer definitely overthought his characters this time. Certainly with Jeff.. man. I read his reasons on the forum but to be honest i felt like they just thought it too much. and i felt like Jeff was just disgustingly laughable, a disgusting caricature. Darren was all right and so was Kurt but Ted – and his dad- were the best. maybe next time please include a guy like Ron to be dateable ? I love him the most out of all the options. lol.

    This was far better than Always Remember Me, even if art is still too much in the “cute boys” type to the point that I really wished Ron was an option, also considering his wonderful character.

    anyway just wanted to throw it out there. ill continue to support your games when i find something that piques my curiosity. I am still missing roommates in my collection, im planning on getting it soon.

    best of luck ! thanks for all the fun!

    • admin says:

      You’re not the only one who asked a guy like Ron to be romanceable. Will remember that for future games (not the one currently in the works though) 🙂

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