Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Ruby


Time for one of my favorite characters (ahem and not just because she looks incredibly hot, I swear) of Amber: Ruby the vampire! Here’s the introduction:

Despite her age in human years, Ruby is regarded as extremely young for a vampire and still clings to her humanity because of that.

Despite these things, she and her brother are well respected in the small vampire community that live in Icesilia. Her word carries a lot of weight and she’s not afraid to use her influence to get what she wants. Outside of vampiric politics, Ruby finds herself fascinated by Amber and strikes up a friendship with her after a few chance encounters.

Over the years, she finds it harder to resist the urge to feed of mortals and so asks Amber to find a way to return her to human form. Such a request is not without its perils but she knows without a cure she will soon lose what humanity she has left.

Ruby is an extremely outgoing person who enjoys flirting with members of any sex. As a human, she was a dancer and she still shows signs of that in the way she moves and acts.

Despite her pretence of aloofness, she actually cares a great deal about those whom she calls friends and will do anything for them. Her fear of becoming as monstrous as the legends say drives her to avoid drinking blood and often only on animals when the need becomes overwhelming.

Animals barely sate the need, however, and she often turns to Amber to help her resist the true hunger for the warm blood of mortal men and women.

As you can see from her intro, she looks like an interesting character. Her endings are great, even the “dark ones” are somewhat cool 🙂

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8 Responses to Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Ruby

  1. marjan says:

    ok I picked my fav character(she is second only to vin) she has a great background and personality plus she has a fitting name and from what I gathered she is the only yuri option so that makes her more desirable …ps I got queen of thieves but I havnt played it yet….im afraid that when its done(read finished 10 times) I would have no other winterwolves game to play… yeah pretty please with suger on top and marshmellows release the game that shall not be named cuz its almost done lol….but seriously I rather see you and the team work on rpg’s a bit more…..not that im not dying to play vn/dating sims but your rpg’s give me the strength to go on(I don’t have a new gen council yet so….) thanks

    • DarkWolf says:

      There are 2 More Yuri options.

      • marjan says:

        all hail winterwolves……all hail winterwolves…..but seriously? I mean I saw this post in forums that showed all the romances…and ruby was the only female in the pic so I just assumed that was the final romances….you just made this girls day(days till I play the s**t out of the game lol) DarkWolf 🙂

        • admin says:

          Yes that chart in forums is outdated 🙂 Lynn and Cosmina were added to the yuri romances. I’ll make a new one when I have time!

        • DarkWolf says:

          You don’t have to w8 for updated romance chart to see other 2 yuri romances as there are already some images of them in a thread “Art Thread [Amber’s Magic Shop]”. For Lynn there is a first image in that thread with group of characters, she is an super cute elf girl with a blue hair and on 8th page there is an image of Cosmina.

  2. Bob The Mob says:

    Sounds like quite the intriguing type; I’m not used to seeing Vampires who weren’t originally such and wish to keep their remaining humanity intact.

    Will there be any backstory in the game as to how she became such, and why she’s afraid of losing what little she has left?

  3. Shawn says:

    Awesome. Also just picked up Heir’s and Graces on the iOS store 🙂

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