Never Forget Me beta + Future romance games


First of all Public Service Announcement: my upcoming otome game “Never Forget Me” is now in beta. The only thing missing is the official game main menu and the theme song. Everything else is there and should be working!

For more info, check the forums:

Expected final release should be end of month or November at the latest, depending how testing goes (however being a visual novel/dating sim, most of the mistakes could be typos or other minor stuff!).

And now I wanted to talk about a topic I find interesting to me:

Romance in future games

After Heirs & Graces release on Steam, there was an interesting discussion in the community forums. To be honest, I expected a much worse reaction, considering the game topic (yaoi/gay only dating sim). I just deleted a couple of obvious stupid threads but not much.

Anyway, here’s what I’m going to do in future games, regarding the romances.

Finding an audience

The most important thing for an indie dev, is finding the audience, the niche. Either you try to make a game in a popular genre (platformer?) but in that case you have to compete against many top indies (and the chances of succeeding are small) or you can try to cater to a smaller but loyal audience. That’s what I’ve always tried to do.

The question is: there’s a gay/yaoi audience on Steam? probably, but it’s very small. It’s not just Steam though: I sell the games directly, but also on mobile. The result though, is that  Heirs & Graces did much worse than, for example, C14 Dating, on all platforms.

So if I had to make games for an audience, I would stop making BxB games completely. BUT! There’s a big but 🙂 What is my goal? I think everyone should ask themselves what is their goal in life. I did it when I went indie. Originally, I wanted to make simulations and RPGs. Recently, I still want to make RPGs but also make experiments and story-based games. And regarding the stories, my goal is:

“I want as much people as possible to read my stories”

Yes, as simple as it is, that is my goal. Not because I’m arrogant and I think my stories (and those of my writers) are good or better than anyone else (they’re good though!). But simply because I want everyone to read them.

Now in the case of Heirs & Graces, I think it has one of the most beautiful stories of all my games. The father/son relationship, the fun and sad moments, etc. Not just my opinion, but basically of everyone who played the game. And here’s the problem: many people didn’t play the game because is yaoi only. And they missed a great story. This is bad, but honestly I knew it, it was inevitable, as much as some people wouldn’t play a yuri only game, etc.

What is the solution then? Well, the most obvious solution is to make games in which you can play as male/female, and have all kind of romances! On the other hand, doing such games takes a lot more time, as you can imagine. Also, usually you can’t offer 8+ romances (since you need to write them from the male/female point of view! it’s a LOT of work) and then you have complaints like with SOTW, in which people say that the game could have been better than Loren, but because of the few romances, it isn’t 🙁

Are they to blame either? No. I can understand that as male straight player, perhaps Krimm is not my kind of romance. Or as female player, I could find Jariel just too “nice” (the DLC changes things quite a lot though!). There’s no one to blame, really.

Finding a compromise

So as author I need to ask myself what is the best thing to do. As you can imagine it’s not like I can do all games with male/female main character AND 4+ romances each gender. Then we have situations like Loren 2, Roger Steel or Undead Lily where the game isn’t ready yet after 3+ years! Doh, insanely huge games takes a lot more time to make! Who would have guessed! haha

However, I think perhaps the best way is to try, whenever possible, to have a male/female main character and at least 2 romances for each gender. Sure, there won’t be as many romances as if the game was otome or yaoi or yuri only, but at least this way there are more  chances that everyone can read my stories. My main goal.

If someone thinks that having maybe only 2 romanceable characters/combos is too few for a full price game, well they can always wait and buy the game discounted later. But at least they will read the story, as long as there’s at least one romance they’re interested in 🙂

Of course, I have a lot of games I started years ago (some even in 2011… ahem) so for those, they could still be yuri only, no straight male romance, etc. Nothing can be done about this, except finish them as they were originally planned.

But for future games, especially bigger ones, that’s what I’ll try to do 🙂

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75 Responses to Never Forget Me beta + Future romance games

  1. Xarena says:

    I don’t mind only two romances for each gender so long as the story is really good and so far all your stories are really good so I have no complaints.

  2. Inktrap says:

    I think the huge distinction between the otome and the bl crowd is that bl gamers happen to be after more mature games. While a lot of top selling otome can be played by teens (and have at the most sexy but non explicit scenes) , the best selling BL titles are nc-17. We don’t go buying bl games at steam errrrm

    • Cynn says:

      Yeah, Nitro+Chiral ftw!

    • admin says:

      Ah OK didn’t know. So basically yaoi must be porn or at least erotic?

      • Inktrap says:

        I think the age group of the people playing both styles of romance do intercede, but bl fans are overall older and favor darker storylines. It isn’t just about porn, but the overall plots do tend to fall into the dark&gritty categories, while otome tends to be fluffy-er. Thinking back to popular yaoi titles, like dramatical murder or togainu no chi, the level of blood, gore and violence is off the charts! Other differences I can find out is game play (it’s usually very basic, with choices only) and the focus on voice acting.
        Overall I adore your games, & i get super eager to play your rpgs! Because then the romance is an added bonus, not the.. whole point of the story, I suppose. When it happens to be all about the character you want to romance, the requeriments are different lol But for me as a bl fan (as well as an otome fan) it’s fun to play a storyline with a bigger plot (such as Loren) where the main character just happens to fall in love with someone of the same gender.

        • admin says:

          Thanks for the explanation. I don’t think I’ll ever make a bloody/gorey game, though you never know 🙂
          Heirs story is fun but also sad. Not sure if it’s dark. The new game the writer is working on though (a RPG with all romance combos) it’s probably the darkest and most original thing I’ve ever done. In 2-3 years you’l see hopefully!

          • Inktrap says:

            Is it a new one or the ones you’ve already been working on for a while ?? Tbh I think the time you take on larger projects add to the excitement lol I have been waiting for Undead Lily for ageees and every new update just gets me itchy. It’s definitely a game I’ll buy as soon as you’re selling,like Loren. (I also can’t wait for Roger Steel) I waited to but the romance games in a bundle (except for Heileen 3) so that’s probably what will happen later orz

          • admin says:

            The new game from Heirs writer is a new one 😉 I haven’t announced it yet publicly, also because she just started writing it, so doesn’t make sense to talk about it now (there isn’t also any artwork done for it).

          • Cynn says:

            I’ll probably just be reiterating what Inktrap said but if you want a late yet second opinion, the amount of translated BL is even fewer than the amount of otome and from what we have been given through translators (official or no), otome tends to be mostly fluffy and happy and safe and marketable towards tweens with cell phones, and while that’s all fine and good, BL comes along with its mature and intense story lines and gives its audience something to sink our teeth into. It’s like comparing a fun kids’ movie to a great R movie. I don’t know why that is, but that seems to be the running trend at the moment. Now I’m sure there are fluffy BL and deeper otome, but they haven’t been introduced to the western market yet. Does that make sense?

          • admin says:

            Yes of course, I knew about those games. But since I usually don’t make hentai stuff (I’ve seen some BL games that… wow!) I didn’t consider it. I thought that even if wasn’t so “extreme” it could still be appreciated, at least as much as an otome, but apparently was wrong 🙂 So yes probably my fault for not doing market research. But if this is true (and it really seems so), one more reason for never do anymore a yaoi only game, unless I change my mind about hentai/gore/violent stuff, which is not very likely.

  3. Seeilin says:

    I looked forward to Heirs & Graces, and wanted to play it, mainly because it is Yaoi and I’m an addict. (and there aren’t enough Yaoi Otome games!) However, in the end I didn’t play it due to the illustrations. I just didn’t like the main character’s design – at all. I tried playing the trial, but in the end, it bothered me too much to keep going. It really saddend me, because I bought and played C14 Dating, Roomates, Nicole, Always remember me, Spirited Heart, Flower Shop etc and I loved them! I loved the designs! Knowing that I missed a great story makes me feel all kinds of shity. Maybe I’ll grab Heirs & Graces when there’s a discount, and maybe I’m the only one who had a problem with the design of the game, but I thought I’d let you know why I decided against it.
    I’m looking forward to your future games, and I hope that, one day, you’ll make another Yaoi game that I can give another chance. For now, I’ll patiently wait until the your next release and hope that there’ll be a BxB option 🙂

    • admin says:

      No, you’re not the first one that didn’t like the main character’s design. Maybe was due to the painted style, not sure. Even for PSCD (my card game released early this year) there was a big controversy about the art, some liked it, but definitely most people (at least those who follow me or buy my games usually) didn’t like that style.
      So from now on I’ll stay away from painted style and go with a more classic manga artwork (like the games you mentioned).
      As for BxB if you read the blog post, I’ll try to add it whenever possible. For sure there are those games who have BxB option:
      Loren 2
      Planet Stronghold 2
      Roger Steel
      Love Bites (and from the reaction I got in forums, people really seem to like the male characters design)
      and a few more 🙂

      • Xarena says:

        I really liked the painted if that helps it’s beautiful and I don’t think anyone can deny that I just think people are just used to more manga like stuff coming from you guys it’s kind of like Disney’s Pocahontas think about the way they animated that movie compltley different from a lot of other Disney movies they didn’t have the big eyes and the rounder nicer faces I think you should do some more painted styles just find one that works. 🙂

        • admin says:

          Like with everything art-related, there are different groups who like different styles/stuff. Unfortunately though since I run a business one of my task is to find what most people like, putting aside my personal tastes 😛

    • Fenris says:

      Actually, a lot of the comments I read on an Heirs video on YouTube were pretty much along these lines. The consensus was that the character art was a major step back from previous games. I do agree that some or it, like Borges’ eyes, looked a little wonky to me.

      • admin says:

        OK thanks for the info. I really need to use “classic/standard” manga artist. Probably with the painted style it’s hard to make it look like the usual manga art (which is mostly lineart+cell shaded). Anyway, after PSCD and this game I’ve learned my lesson 😀

    • Ash says:

      Just wanted to second this opinion as another yaoi – I did buy Heirs, but it took me a lot longer than it usually takes me to buy a BL or WW game, and that was only because of my problems with the art.

      The painted style was beautiful, but there were quite a few anatomy errors, mostly in the sprites. It was a lot of little things – things like tiny shoulders on the main character, the chin not being where it should be in relation to the mouth or facial hair on Kamal, wandering eyes and small head (I still love you, Borges!), etc.

      That said, I found that it bothered me much less by the time I finished since I’d come to love the characters – and the story made me cry! (It made me feel like a terrible person, though – I am *not* as forgiving as the main character. I would be holding a grudge over at least one of the things that went down there until judgement day. My tombstone would say insulting things about those that survived me. ^_^ )

      • admin says:

        Haha you should learn to forgive! ;D
        Anyways, thanks for the feedback. It’s pretty sure at this point that I’ll never use painted style again for the sprites, since the only two times I did, got a lot of complaints about art!

        • Ash says:

          In any case, it was a great game! Whenever I’ve held off buying one of your games, I’ve always regretted it once I finally broke down and made the purchase. I think I just have to accept that you have an all-access pass to my wallet. Yuri, het, BL, no romance… you’ve got me. 🙂

          One final note on the art – I think that you’re probably right, now that I look back at my saved images, that the painted realistic style makes people more critical. I see a lot of similar anatomy ‘errors’ on manga-type sprites, but it doesn’t bother me because they are essentially symbolic references to human form. (Manga chins are the best chins. ^_^)

          Also, I just forgive more slowly… like, glacially slowly. 😀 If I replay the game enough, I may even stop growling at That Scene every time it comes up.

          • admin says:

            Tsk! You should automatically buy all my games! 😉
            Jokes apart yes, with painted style I think any anatomy mistake, even the smallest ones, becomes more visible than with the other usual cellshaded manga.

  4. Saitouakira says:

    if the story is good i’ll buy/read anything:-)

  5. Exizel says:

    it’s not that there is no audiance,it’s is that no one knows you, looking auround I haven’t seen alot of people talking about the game on sites that would normally talk about a new BxB game(And that can be say for all your BxB game).So one of the main problem is that people doesn’t even know you exist.

    You compare to the sell of C14 but that game isn’t your first “otome only”, you already had built a fan base with the older games for several years.

    After that I must say that If I didn’t played older game, I would have never bought H&G,I didn’t like the art and the character design(except Kamal and the father) and everything about the game didn’t make me want to played it.I did in the end love the game even if I only loved Kamal route(eloy was nice, but the 2 were kind of boring,not bad but not to my taste but I still enjoy them)

    You say it yourself, the games has a really good story, but I wouldn’t be surprise if even people in BxB audiances wouldn’t have tried it because of the art(the art is really importent for a BxB game) or because it’s an obscure BxB game.(like PSCD)

    Be it the one aimed at straight girls or the one aimed at gay guy BxB tends to make a lot of noise and they often get a lot of money on kickstarter and people ask for more games,so you need for them to notice you.

    I think you are going to built a BxB audiance overtime, I ‘m sure Love Bites will attract the attention from some people.

    • admin says:

      I thought about that, but honestly the only argumentation is about art, because the yaoi routes on Loren, and even the one in Planet Stronghold 1, they were VERY popular. Also, my first otome got a lot of popularity even if was the first game.
      So the fact that “nobody knows me” (for yaoi games) in my opinion it’s not a valid point. For the art, yes 🙂
      However I also know other people doing yaoi games that had very poor results, and one thing in common is as Inktrap said, that they weren’t porn. The one you mention that got a lot of attention and money on KS were all (or mostly) porn games I think?
      So it really seems that for yaoi, porn / erotic is a very important feature 😛 (maybe not essential but can greatly increase exposure/sales).

      • Alicia says:

        Not sure if that last part is purely true. I mean yes, 18 content sells better but honestly I just saw a yaoi game on KS called Legend of Rune and it’s selling point wasn’t it’s 18 content. In fact it didn’t have any until a high stretch goal was met. I think the art played a major factor in this game and there’s. If you look at it, it’s really appealing and many seemed to be attracted to it. Same with the Monster Game that was on indiegogo. It’s sad though that you’re game didn’t do so well. Makes me worry if things like Yuri and Yaoi can ever have their own games and sell well. I personally liked the art in the game but haven’t gotten to it yet then school. I do hope you’ll continue to have BxB games or at least as an option. We need more of it.

        • admin says:

          Yes don’t worry – the point of the blog post is that, for my situation at least (everyone is different I think) the best is to have at least two romance combos in a game. This doesn’t mean there won’t be more yaoi/yuri romances, but not likely yaoi/yuri ONLY games (but even otome only!).
          So my goal will be to have at least two combos, like: GxB and GxG, BxG and BxB, etc. But that’s it 🙂

          Regarding other yaoi, I would be VERY careful about making KS games as example – since the amount of KS games that DON’T get finished is very high. Also, $30k is a good amount, but it also might be most of the money the game will make in the course of several years, etc. In short, KS seems to make game development and making money with it very easy, but in reality isn’t 😉

          • Alicia says:

            I’m glad you’re still doing those romances. I’m someone who likes Yaoi and Otome games the most, but it’s hard to find artists that can draw guys. I am making Yuri games, but worry if that’s a smart thing to do honestly given how BxG and otome games are so popular and no ones seems to want to play LGBT games.

            As for the KS, I used it as an example just of how there is a good sized audience or it and how 18+ doesn’t fully mean the game may be popular. I know it may not make it (hope it does though), but that the genre does have a good number of fans. I think the main problem is that the art may not be appealing, though it was quite good in my eyes. It’s sad people didn’t give it a try…

          • admin says:

            At least on Steam yuri games are OK, but mainly because of MEN playing them. So, as far as I know, the popular one tend to be the most fanservicey.
            I have and don’t mind fanservice too in my games, but my main goal is to try to tell good stories first 😛

  6. Bob The Mob says:

    (Hopefully at least somewhat) Related note I’ve wanted to say about for a while:


    When I first played that, I had played as Althea; and figured “let’s just get this over with” re: Challassa’s romance (not a big fan of same-gender romances [***have NOTHING against people who irl are such, though***]) only to find the ending a beautiful and heartwarming thing. 🙂

    Then I played as Shea, and Thought that I could talk Challassa out of trying to kill in the end, or something like that. It HURT being forced to fight apparently to *death* against her after there’d been such an uplifting thing w/ Althea. :_(

    At the risk of sounding greedy (and I apologize for such) in any future games in which there’s someone who needs to be saved, can we please see it where it can be done no matter what???

    • admin says:

      Yeah that’s a good example of what I mean not experiencing fully the story because of romance constraints.
      Making everyone bisex maybe is not realistic, but at least everyone can experience the story and specific great moments like the one you described 🙂

      • Xarena says:

        I agree it’s not at all realistic but it’s a million times more fun and think about it games aren’t supposed to be realistic there supposed to be fun I for one always thought a fun couple to try out in Loren would Saren and Rei but that’s just me.

  7. Xarena says:

    Ok totally random have you guys ever thought of working with those Tell Tale games guys? Particurly with games like Loren or SOTW? Again totally random just something to think about.

  8. PalmettoPaladin says:

    I do tend to try and experience multiple games, and while I’m straight and a guy, I’m okay with the same gender romances. I do think two romances per gender might be a bit small in my opinion but I can understand you have to limit yourself sometimes. Also I’m looking forward to both Amber’s Magic Shop, Thieves of Diiraga, and several other games. Loren was the first game of yours I played and I guess I’ve been hooked ever since to your games. 🙂

    I really like the artwork, story, and characters. The gameplay might be simple but I’m okay with that. The characters and story are usually what captures me more than gameplay.

    So I do hope this doesn’t change the romance options in the games you’re currently working on. I do really want to romance the two furry characters in the Thieves of Diirraga game.

    Actually now that I think about it, you might be attract additional members to your audience if you aim for the furries. While I’m not a furry myself, there are a good many furries who are interested in games like yours. Maybe by including more furry characters it might help you, but that’s just my idea actually.

    • admin says:

      The name is Thieves of Dingirra 🙂
      Yes while I’m not a fan of furries I know they’re popular, that’s why I added them on this latest game, and I definitely want to put more of them in future games!

      • Bob The Mob says:

        Just Curious, when will we see that being said about in the forums? 🙂

        • admin says:

          On Patreon basically post stuff almost as soon as I have it, in public I’m very cautious to avoid situations like with… THE CURSED GAME 😉

      • Miakoda says:

        Not to mention I’m one of those rather interested in trying to include a centaur romance 😉

      • PalmettoPaladin says:

        Just curious here but any particular reason why you’re not a fan of furries?

        And that’s good. I noticed that ever since the Zootopia movie came out interest in furries has risen. Which I guess is a good thing. I’ve met a few of them and a lot of them are nice friendly people, although the fur suit thing is kinda creepy. Shudders.

        Anyhow, I’m a huge fan of your games as the stories are very well written and I just love the artwork!

        • admin says:

          I’m not a fan, I mean that I’m not super enthusiast (a fan) of furries, but not that I don’t like them. I am “neutral” in practice 🙂 but as long as the shape is still human enough, I like it. But it’s not like my personal tastes matters too much anyway! 😀

  9. Elia says:

    I would love to play hears and grace for the story, but I didn’t buy it because it’s BxB. I know I should try, but I’m really into the GxB stories… A good story with one nice romance for each gender is quite enough for me. That’s really nice from you to give 8+ romance but if it takes too much time/energy/work, maybe it’s not necessary. One or two sweet,nice, cute romances and the fact that you can choose to be a girl or a boy is the most important thing for me!
    One nice thing is when you can choose your own name in the story. The player can really identify into the charakter.but I’m just a player, not a game maker so I have no idea how it works and if it’s hard to make.

    Moreover, as you can see, my english isn’t perfect. I’m from France, I wanted to ask you: will you one day maybe translate your games into french? That’s so sad I have to read in english to have a good game, even though I have no idea how much a translate can cost… (I’m a dreamer… i know… 😉 that’s why I love rpgs or otome this much! )

    Well… Keep on the good work, you’re one of the best indie maker I know, and the one who cares the most about the players !

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the nice words 🙂
      Translating is really hard – because either you user professional translators (and for games with a lot of texts like mine is VERY expensive), otherwise the result could be really bad. There’s nothing worse than release a translation with many mistakes or even wrong/different meaning from the original :/
      Maybe one day I’ll allow optional fan-contributed translations, in that case would be different.

    • Xarena says:

      If it helps I don’t think you have to go the romantic route to play it’s just highly suggested.

  10. Ronda says:

    I got the email telling me Never Forget was out and I had to come and I had to immediately come get it!!!! So excited! I hope this has been a good year for you and that you remember to rest (so many new games out)

  11. Ronda says:

    (looking for my old forum login data) love the story so far, all of Eddy’s endings and halfway through Aron’s. Diligence never was an option for Eddy’s route (barley made it with only 3 being chosen not sure if it’s possible to get with 4 things to randomly try for) aaand Aron’s route is still diligence only for goals

  12. Ronda says:

    and I love the starter art, way more than the old style it is freakin awesome!!! But it is so different from the actual art in the game and the guys you see on the start screen are so hot that the pick your guy screen is like ok who are these guys? Honestly I think if you could have had the game done in the starter art style it would do even better but since the game is in the old style the starter screen makes a WHAT?? impact at character select

    • admin says:

      It’s common to use different art, even other games of mine had different main menu art vs the game. Nothing big. In any case I used another artist because the one of the game wouldn’t make in time.

  13. Ronda says:

    You must fix that background picture in Hue’s route she is written as fighting him and pushing him off but the picture is of her with her arms thrown around his neck???? Early Hue route and it’s not Hue. Sorry but arms thrown around neck means want it. Not fighting and pushing on chest.

  14. Ronda says:

    aand the goals change between all 4 options in Hue’s route

    So those

    • admin says:

      The goals are randomly picked for each character, however if you always see the diligence goal for Aaron then that’s a bug 🙂

      • Ronda says:

        found forum stuff will leave this thread alone thank you so much for such a great game. And I love the new art from the new artist you found. And I love your games I honestly decided to not do beta so I wouldn’t bother you like I did this time I was just so excited for Never Forget I couldn’t help myself.

  15. Ronda says:

    Ok I lied I can’t find my forum data but Hues route is so gliched!!!!!!!!!!! I used your route walkthrough and no matter what choices I made for the not mentioned in walkthrough(of course I chose the this leads to this ending choices ) I can not get the second ending for the good or bad for Hue it is gliched

    • Ronda says:

      ignore me I finally got them I just had to very very carefully make sure to follow the walkthrough.. (making sure to pick what walkthrough said while trying to make sure to do opposite of what other endings wanted… sorry your walkthrough takes some work

  16. Jeanne says:

    I think you should be aware of one simple fact – you can’t make everyone happy :). I know it seems obvious, but that’s true. I’m a novel writer (in Polish), I publish mostly BL stuff and have a loyal audience, but there’s always an issue – some people love fantasy, some people hate it, some people like stories that are focused on two characters, some love the plot to be much more than that, and so on, and so forth. It’s hilarious to read: “There’s too much sex scenes” and “There isn’t enough sex scenes” in the comments of the same story. Same goes for pretty much every thing you could imagine. I don’t think you should stop making BL content – the audience for that sort of games is growing (I see it based on my own audience and I live in very conservative country) and it’s a great niche. I personally didn’t like SOTW not because of Krimm or any other character, its humor seemed much more out of place than in Loren, it seems to silly and took a lot of seriousness from the game.

    Also, another important thing: Quality over quantity. I’m perfectly fine with two well-done, fleshed out romance routes, whether it’s GxB, GxG or BxB (I don’t like BxG much, but if the story it’s fine, I can get into it), than big number of routes that are too fast-paced and don’t give player enough time to develop bond with characters and, sadly, that is the case with some of your games – Roommates, Nicole, even C14 (I left a positive review on Steam, but I was mentioning that issue), left me with feeling, that I, as main character, made some great friendships, but not really fall in love.

    • admin says:

      Some good points 🙂 I never said I’ll stop doing yaoi romances, but yaoi only (or yuri only, or otome only) games yes. If by including an extra gender/romance I can double my potential userbase, why not do it?
      I agree with quality over quantity as well. Except for some RPGs I’ve in the works since long time, I really don’t think I’ll ever make a game with more than 8 romances again!

  17. Sarah says:

    Have you ever played Hustle Cat? It’s the game where “the gender selection” has felt the most seamless to me. You simply choose your pronoun and a picture to represent your character. The story or romance doesn’t change depending on wheter you choose he, she or them, but it still feels immersive. It seems like an easy way of including a larger audience without spending too much time/money on it- i wish most games did this.

    Also thank you for all your hard work. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and have really enjoyed your games 🙂

    • admin says:

      That could be a solution but then I remember a game I published last year, where the main character gender was undefined, and I got a lot of complaints about it. So sadly seems a solution that doesn’t really work well for everyone.
      And thanks for the nice words 🙂

    • Rincewind says:

      Honestly I don’t like when they do the “changing pronoun” trick. For me it feels lazy and make the gender pointless.
      When I play a yuri game the entire point is that the romance is different than a BxG romance.

  18. Bloodyrose says:

    Hi I love your games when will Never Forget be available on Google Play?

    • admin says:

      Usually the games are available on mobile a few months after the official release, depends on various things, currently the library I use is having a major update so I want to wait until it’s stable. I think should be there around February next year (approximately).

  19. Blackrising says:

    Oooor you could simply make all the romance options available to either gender. I admit, I mostly make this suggestion because I am always bothered when it turns out I can’t romance the character I feel fits best with the MC just because I chose the ‘wrong’ gender. (And I have zero interest in playing a dude.)
    So if there are just a few LIs for either gender and perhaps only one same-sex option – that pretty much takes the choice away from me.

    Now, I know many people aren’t fans of the romances not being gender-gated and it’s up to you, but…it’s an option.

    • admin says:

      That’s exactly what I’m doing in my next dating sim “Love Bites”. There are 2 males and 2 females, and you can romance all 4 no matter if you play as male or female character.
      That is a good solution indeed, won’t work in all cases, but in many yes 🙂

  20. Rincewind says:

    And I’m sitting here waiting for a certain game and the yuri version of C-14.
    Which gonna be the last yuri games from WW.
    It’s a bit sad. But I can understand perfectly why.

    After all, what I like is a niche inside a niche.

    • admin says:

      The last YURI ONLY (well not entirely true, since there are some unannounced games, but still). But If I make a new game with 4 yuri love interest (among the others), it’s as big as the one you mention for example 🙂

  21. Bloodyrose says:

    Hey Winter Wolves
    I got a issue with C 14 Dating once I choose my choice of font style the game will start and then go back to the font choices again tried this numerous times and disappointed I can’t play the game.
    Any advice?

  22. Bloodyrose says:

    Ignore that comment I figured out the problem lol!!!!!!

  23. Offended says:

    Is Lawrence asexual?

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