Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Bernard


Bernard has one of the most interesting story arcs in my opinion. I also like his design, hot muscular guy, but looking different than the others, more slender but still sexy. The classic cursed / hot tempered guy 🙂

Bernard’s Intro:

Bernard tends not to talk much about himself and he rarely opens up to people he does not know well. What people do know about him is he is a rising star in the Adventurer’s Guild and he has little time for anything but his ambitions.

He wants to rise because he believes the guild system is unfair but he also enjoys the praise and wealth that comes with promotion.

As an adult, Bernard continues his rise although grows frustrated as his previous meteoric pace slows to a crawl. He suspects his superiors are plotting against him and reaches out to Amber to help him rise to the position of Guild Leader. Amber agrees although she quickly finds that years of constant struggle have started to take their toll on Bernard’s psyche. She only hopes that she can help him before paranoia and ambition consume him completely.

Passion is Bernard’s greatest strength and weakness. He always tries his hardest and he never lets setbacks get in the way. Unfortunately, his drive blinds him to potential problems and he frequently gets himself into dangerous situations due to his refusal to believe he could be wrong.

So far, he has survived every situation he has got himself into, but it just fuels his invincibility complex further. Someday his luck might run out, but for now he will continue to push himself until he breaks himself or someone else.

In other news, the beta for Never Forget Me continues, and I’m only waiting for the missing trailers before doing the official release. I think will be around half-November 🙂

Current game page:

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14 Responses to Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Bernard

  1. Morgan says:

    Really looking forward to Amber’s Magic Shop but I gotta say there’s something very off about the design for this dude. I think its the neck and chin…

  2. Xarena says:

    I think I kind of get what she’s talking about his neck seems abnormally long but I don’t think he looks bad at all I like the design.

  3. Bob The Mob says:

    The Adventurer’s Guild–that’s something to do w/…gladiators? mercenaries?

    I’m confused as to what he does.

    (Sudden hyped clap) Ya should do the intro for Vin next, since Samhain (SAH-win, original name of Halloween) is so close!!! 😀

    • admin says:

      Basically it’s a guild of adventurers who protect the city and also do various tasks/missions for money. A mix between mercenaries and town guards.
      Vin is coming but first I want to do all the main cast (romanceable characters).

    • Miakoda says:

      Adventurer’s Guilds are actually a staple in fantasy rpgs. I remember them as far back as the first edition AD&D.

  4. Franka says:

    I’ll bet his neck is real popular with the vampires!

  5. ronda says:

    loren has been such a BIG part of your success have you ever thought of making a game like it with better artist and storyline? Sorry but that game is why I know you and buy any otome you make. Or even same artist just different story? Sorry but loren was such a huge hit why do you refuse to use it as a reference for future game types? Some rpg with great storyline and awesome almost smut endings? I know you don’t like smut but your almost smut was so nice

    • Bob The Mob says:

      You ever played Seasons of the Wolf? 🙂

      That’s a (for lack of better term) spin-off of Loren and therefore has a lot of references to it and its characters.

      And it’s done by the same artist. 🙂
      I highly recommend it; it’s my fave WW game thus far!!! 😀

    • admin says:

      You should check the forums more often, so you’ll see that there’s Loren 2 in the works since 2013, which will be actually two games 🙂
      The problem is that people asked too much, and so it’s taking too long to make the sequel.

  6. Shawn says:

    I appreciate all the development feeds you provide for us fans. I make a point of checking into this blog every so often to see what you are sharing with us. I picked up H&G for iOS and enjoyed it very much. I hope Never Forget Me makes it there as well as I like the occasional otome.

    I do agree with your earlier post to have a M and F relationship for each gender in your games. That would attract the most buyers I would think, rather than yaoi/yuri fans only. Anyways I hope the best for you in future endevours and looking forward to more games!

    • admin says:

      Thanks 🙂
      For sure the new games should come to iOS, even if I use an external coder so depends on his availability, but usually after a few months the game is out on desktop, the mobile versions should be done.

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