Love Bites is officially out!

Special thanks to Aleema for the awesome trailer video above. For sure the best trailer I’ve ever done for all my games!

You can find out more and purchase the game here:

This game is a perfect example of a project where “everything went smoothly”. I know, it’s rare in the real world (and even more in the game development world!) but happens when you put together reliable people!

Brainstorming / planning

Miakoda, the game writer, had just finished writing the epic PSCD (over 240k words of text) and I wanted her to do something smaller (even if Love Bites is definitely not “small”, but you know how it goes, right?) and most importantly, simpler for me to code. I knew I would be doing more RPGs and complex games after PSCD (indeed I did Queen Of Thieves and Cursed Lands! Two RPGs, and now I’m working on a third, Planet Stronghold 2).

So I definitely didn’t want to have to deal with some more games with complex gameplay at the moment, and after some quick brainstorming, we decided to go with a game involving supernatural, horror, and romance. Seems a good combination!


At the same time, I got in touch again with Rebecca Gunter, the artist who did my first games (Heileen and Bionic Heart series) and despite the very busy schedule, she said would have time to do the art for a new game.

Personally I love her style (might also be because I’ve a sentimental attachment to them) but if I try to be objective for a moment I think perhaps her best skills are with males, and I think yaoi fans will like this game in particular… even if both the females (Sabrina and Nadia) are hot too! The only downside is that she doesn’t draw full nudity, but you can’t have everything.


On the writing side, I think the game features the right mix of seriousness, jokes, and sexual innuendo. I also think the use of the “inner voice” (during the game, as your curse grows stronger, you start to hear a voice telling you… to do “things”…) was a brilliant idea by Miakoda and really adds to the game “something more”.


As mentioned above, I wanted to keep things simple. Originally I was going to use a weekly planner similar to Roommates, but then after some preliminary testing, and remembering well what people told me, I thought…”why?” 😛

So I reviewed everything and kept things simple. I didn’t bother to add a “visual novel mode” in this game simply because there’s no need. Yes you can trigger some early endings, and yes reaching a certain amount of money will play a slightly different text endings and so on, but overall you can definitely finish the game without going crazy with stat raising like my other dating sims.

This choice was almost universally well received and I think I’ll keep doing this also for future games: either I have some gameplay that works well with the story, or there’s no point in going crazy with coding when it’s not needed or doesn’t work well, just for the sake of it.


As you can guess I’m really happy about how things went with this project, and the previous one (Cursed Lands) as well. If you asked me in Summer last year I’d have never imagined that I would have two games out in the first half of 2018! Next stop is Planet Stronghold 2 and then, finally I’ll start working on Loren 2 🙂

9 thoughts on “Love Bites is officially out!

  1. qorl

    I don’t think I can afford to get both Love Bites and Cursed Lands for now, so I’ll settle for this one. I really like the artstyle here it reminds me of early nineties anime. All three female characters look great especially Sabrina. And I’ve been looking through screenshots recently, and dang, you think maybe the artist got a bit carried away with the physique of the male characters? :p Misters Universum over here 🙂

      1. qorl

        And regarding your “next stop” in your conclusions, at least one of those yuri games is still coming out at some point right?

        1. admin Post author

          Yes Volleyball Heaven will be the next yuri game to come out. The main delays are due to the CG art, but I think the final result will be worth the wait 🙂

  2. Lucca

    Just finished Cursed Lands! Great story/personal quests/romances…. but the song at the end, THAT was perfect! That singer is as much part of Aravorn as Apolimesho himself lol

    Got me thinking though, (and without going to spoilers territory or anything) but have you ever thought about going full dark-mode with the main character/romantic interest? I can’t even begin to imagine how much work that would be in addition to all but i was quite surprised when i found myself beneath the Grimoire with a certain waifu and giant rats lol (tho the indirect of “giants rats=beginning of adventure” wasn’t lost on me). Just curious about it!

    When can we expect a new RPG? :O come on. I know you want to say a date lol

    1. admin Post author

      The singer is Boossara who did also Queen Of Thieves song 🙂
      I am planning a more dark (though maybe not “full dark”, still with a chance to play as the good boy) game, but as you know I need first to finish PS2 and Loren2.
      Next RPG will be PS2 (Planet Stronghold 2) which should be out next year and then Loren 2, probably in 2020 🙂

  3. Cay Reet

    I just got my hands on this one … was waiting for it for a bit. I really like the character design and the story from what I’ve played so far.

  4. hassan

    ooh yes love bites looks very good, im going to have to give it a try. Also i was wondering do you think you are going to do any dlc for cursed lands like you did for loren and seasons of the wolf?

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe, but first I want to finish Planet Stronghold 2 and Loren 2. Then we’ll see 🙂


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