Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas was the leader of the so-called “Rebels”. Fighting for freedom against the evil Empire. Well, sort of. In reality, Damian was little more than a smuggler, trying to make a living during hard times by selling rare and stolen items on the black market.

When he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, he attacked the Planet Stronghold colony. However, he found out he was tricked. The same myserious people who offered him money to create total chaos ended up attacking the rebels too.

Because of this, he sought out Nelson and negotiated a truce with him/her, swearing to help in anyway he could. Nelson eventually learned that apparently Damian’s father and John Nelson were comrades-in-arms in a previous war on Planet Stronghold. Nelson doubted Damian’s words, but the rebel swears it’s true.

Playing as Lisa, you could end up in a romance with him. Despite Damien’s cynical and rude attitutde, a spark started between them. Is it only a physical attraction? Perhaps, but whenever the two are in the same room, they can’t stay separated.

After the war was over, Damien and several other rebels joined the colony and formed a new ‘Special Intelligence’ division, where their security and anti-espionage abilities would be put at good use.

Progress Update

You can now compare and equip the crafted items directly

Work is going well during this month, I added some extra features like the screen above, and I also coded a good amount of the 1st chapter. Like many other games of mine, even this game will be divided into four chapters, with the first being the demo. Of course, they’re not all the same length, so if you finish playing the demo of the first chapter doesn’t mean you’ve seen 25% of the whole game!

I also spoke with the writers of Corona Borealis and Volleyball Heaven, and they’re working on the latest bit of texts (mostly polishing or doing some extra date scenes). At the same time, we’re also producing the last bit of art, some secondary characters for Corona Borealis and several backgrounds for Volleyball Heaven.

Last but not least, I managed to update the Google Play version of Love Bites to add Ashley bonus character. As usual I had to delete a “very offensive image” (lol it was a scene with Nadia FULLY DRESSED, but somehow it was too much!) but only in the app page, so the game remains untouched. I have no estimates for Amazon or iOS versions sadly.

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