Happy New Year and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Like every year I’m going to set myself some goals. Taking a look back at last year’s goals, I still have to finish Volleyball Heaven and Planet Stronghold 2, even if for this last one it was obvious I wouldn’t make in time last year.

I think it’s safe to say that unless I get hit by a bus or something, both games should be finished this year. Of course I’m also going to finish Corona Borealis since we’re at very good point.

I’m particularly curious to see how people will react to Corona Borealis in particular, since it’s going to be a “SMALL GAME” (albeit very polished!) for real this time. It will be shorter than my other games and will be priced accordingly (I haven’t made my mind yet about the price but it won’t be over $9.99 for sure).

Beside those 3 games, I might have some surprises, but even if I have some projects going on “in secret” (except for my Patreon supporters) my main goal in the next years will be to finish all the games I started, in particular Loren 2 and Undead Lily since are the oldest games I’ve announced that I still have to finish. I should also really be getting Summer In Trigue done though, luckily that’s not a RPG so I’m not involved directly into it.

Every year I keep saying that I would also do some “experimental games”, but I never find the time. I have an idea about a card/sim game that I think could be interesting, in this case it would have a really minor story since the focus would be mostly on the gameplay. I need to find the time to code it though. A good moment could be when I finish Planet Stronghold 2, since I’d need a break before jumping into coding Loren 2 straight.

Anyway we’ll see. Honestly I can’t wait to have both Loren 2 and Undead Lily finished, because I think it’s really bad, both for developers and also players, to have games in the works since so much time. It’s a mistake I’ll never repeat again in future, alongside to never make sequels (in particular keeping the same protagonists).

In summary I think a good release schedule could be:

  • first quarter 2019: finish Corona Borealis
  • second quarter 2019: finish Volleyball Heaven
  • before end of 2019: finish Planet Stronghold 2

However, like happened back in 2018 with Cursed Lands, I realized that if I can work uninterrupted on a game myself alone, I can make progress much faster, and the story and gameplay are much better integrated (obviously since I write as I code and viceversa). So PS2 estimate release might change greatly depending on various factors. It would be nice to have it in beta before the Summer!

Like every year, when this is about to end, will be fun to go back and see how things went vs how I planned it. There are going to be some surprises for sure.

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year and 2019 Goals

  1. Larite says:

    Happy New Year for you too!
    As for small games, I guess it depends, so far Corona Borealis looks really interesting and if it would be around Winter in Fairbrook size in terms of text, I don’t really mind.
    So I keep looking for it so far! 🙂

  2. Pinkbunny48 says:

    I hope you finish Loren the Amazon princess 2 soon because I can’t wait

  3. Kate Wagner says:

    +1 for Reign of War (Loren the Amazon Princess 2). We’ve been waiting 4 years now since it was named (and 3 since it was last officially mentioned?). It’s still a work in progress, right?

    In my opinion, Loren is still your deepest and most complex storyline to date of any of your other works. It would be a great loss for such a memorable RPG to conclude with only a spin-off, instead of a direct sequel.

    • admin says:

      I plan to finish Loren 2 after I finish Planet Stronghold 2. I had too many issues with writers, the original Loren writer couldn’t write it so of course will be different from the first title.
      Anyway that will be my last sequel ever, I don’t plan to do any more sequels (I have already explained why in a blog post a while ago :P).

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