Tofu, together with Nina, was my favorite cat of mine. Her big round eyes and her funny expression will always remain stuck in my mind. She was pretty popular on social media as well, the picture below was shared on Tumblr almost 45,000 times!

Sadly, today I had to put Tofu to sleep, due to a tongue cancer for which there was no cure. She was only 12 years old, and I’m very sad that she didn’t live longer.

When I think about Tofu, I remember the first day she came home (first picture from top-left). She was very slim and hungry. She followed me to my car and jumped on it, waiting patiently to get to her new home. She trusted me immediately, it was like she knew we were meant to stay together.

She arrived the 28th August 2012, and her arrival concided with one of the luckiest period of my indie career. Tofu definitely was a lucky charm. And today, 11 years later, the exact same day, we had to put her to sleep.

During the years we spent together, I have a lot of memories of funny moments, because she had that natural “startled big eyes” expression that never failed to bring a smile to my face.

In her last days she would often pay a visit to me in bed before going to sleep, as if she wanted to comfort me and give me a final farewell. I really hope there’s something beyond this life, a place were we will reunite with everyone we loved in our life, people and pets, because just the thought of never seeing her again makes me cry every time.

Goodbye Tofu, I’ll never forget you.

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