ToA: An Elven Marriage update and other stuff

Hi everyone,

as I’m writing this blog post I’m waiting for the last backgrounds (I was using temporary/placeholders in some scenes) and edited texts of my upcoming VN/RPG ToA: An Elven Marriage.

One of the new backgrounds I recently added to the game

This month I also got the custom outfits for Elenor/Saren from the backers, and I like how they turned out!

I must admit that’s “fun” to be working on a RPG during the same months that Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield come out! But as I’ve said many times, it’s not really competition, more like the opposite – new players could be attracted to this genre after playing those two big games, and maybe they’ll decide to try some smaller indie games like mine!

Estimate beta date

So, what’s left? When the beta will be ready? that’s the question I often get asked in my socials and Discord. I don’t know how much time will take exactly, but I can tell you this: the beta will begin even if I don’t have all the final backgrounds. I will start it shortly after I have all the final edited texts.

After I get them, I will take probably 1 week to retest everything and then the beta (on itchio only) will start. Considering that there aren’t many texts left, I think that’s safe to say that the beta should really begin this month, maybe towards mid/end of it. Anyway, not much left to wait!

Other stuff

As you know, I work on many things at once. I’ve been experimenting with creating a sort of adventure framework for a future game. Not with walking characters on screen, more like “first person” adventure. I can’t talk much about it yet, but likely will be my next Kickstarter, once I figure out a few things.

It will be a slice-of-life psychological horror game set in Spain near the border with France, and will be one of my “shorter experimental games”. I call them like that when I want to try new ideas or new genres/combinations without investing too much time or money. Sort of “test the waters”. A bit like what I did with Save the World (a game that it seems was well received).

Will probably be able to talk about it later this year or early next year! That’s all for now.

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