Magic stones online stats!

Today was tired of working on USM2 and also was challenged by my friend patrice to make a sort of “online druid viewer” (lol should copyright that phrase) for my game Magic Stones. For now I just made a temporary page but works already! In the game you can choose to upload your druid stats online, and then you’ll be able to login into a page using your game registration info to personalize it.

I’m still in the initial phase and need some more time, I think I’ll release this new feature in the new version of the game during this Christmas 2006. The biggest problem right now are the artifacts, since they’re randomly generated in the game itself… 😐

I’m having a mad idea… have the artifact “global” and then use the online system to make a sort of “online trading” for artifacts ! hmm well the idea is quite cool I think but I hope doesn’t take too much to be implemented :p

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