…and the Goalkeeper scores from the corner!

No wait I didn’t went nutz programming USM2…! is that today I finished an important part of the game. When a new event occurs, the game must pick a reasonable player based on the ball position. If the ball is heading towards the center of opponent penalty box, it needs to pick an attacker, obviously.

But today made a cool change, instead of looking the role of the player, it actually looks at the position on the field (as it should be!) using the grid on the picture below. What it means? that if you want to put Buffon, Barthez, Kahn (or name whatever goalkeeper you want) in the position of Henry, Ronaldo, Toni – you can 🙂 of course don’t expect that they’ll be able to score sensational goals after dribbling two defenders… 😉

tactic grid

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