USM2 match events

Working like mad on USM2 again. I’m trying to met the deadline of a playable alpha by end of this month, but things are getting bad… I don’t know if I’ll be able to met it 🙁

That is bad, of course I don’t have any boss to respond to, but I have some people that are waiting to play this game since long time (2 years!) so I really want to try to release it soon. But of course, I don’t want either to release it without a proper beta testing…!

Today made the match event menu, soon I’ll post a screenshot. I think looks cool, you can choose what your player should do when there’s an important event in the game. If your great talent is on the edge of the area, what he should do? shoot a powerful shot, a precise shot, lift the ball on the area, or… ? you’ll have maximum 5 choices each one with a related skill involved and a possible percentage of success (depending on the skill value of your player).

I think that even if is just small interaction, should be a nice diversion from the usual automatic matches you see usually in the soccer management games…!

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