Magic Stones: Lost Temples Island beta

Today managed to finish the last expansion of Magic Stones, Beta release. It should be fairly stable, but as always if you want to try it, make a backup of your druid data just in case something bad happen 🙂

It is a bit sad to announce the last expansion for this game, but 2 years have passed since the initial release date (version 1.0, 4th October 2005) and I feel I need to finish this experience. I’ll still be updating the game from time to time like I do with my other titles, but I won’t be releasing free quests anymore. I’ll try to release an editor or a PDF guide on how to create your own though!


What’s New in 1.2.5

– added the last free quest “Lost Temples Island”, introducing the fifth avatars for life and spirit magic schools: the Angel and the Rhino
– fixed a bug that was displaying wrong attack and defense values when right-clicking on neutral avatars if you had any perk active
– now the artifacts damage amount received per battle is determined by the general game difficulty level
– fixed a minor cosmetic bug that was displaying the skills bar too long, causing a small graphic garbage
– increased effectiveness of charm attack/spell: now the charmed avatars will always to damage to their own allies
– fixed a wrong message window that was appearing when browsing avatars during a battle in character screen
– fixed a bug that was causing avatars to skip their turn if their speed was higher than 9

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