Supernova 2: military power

I’ve yet changed another part of the game. Initially I thought of simply putting some default ships when a new battle starts, based on the values of the resource management screen. However today I realized that this would be crap, since everyone has some preferences in term of tactics and ships. So I’ve removed the options screen button, and put a military one 🙂

( the options will still be easily accessible hitting the ESCAPE key during the game )

So what does the military screen do? it lets you manage your fleet. You have up to 64 slots that you can use to assemble your fleet, building one ship at time. This way even the money factor will come into play: beside the mineral resources (metals, etc) needed to build a specific ship, you’ll also need money to pay for the costs (think about the workers, energy, etc). So each ship will have a resource and a money cost, adding more strategy to the game. Later, if I’ll add a custom ship design update, things will be even more interesting 🙂

Then when you attack you’ll be able to place X ships (with X is a value depending on your current “maximum unit” value) on the battlefield, choosing from all the 64 ships you currently have in your fleet.

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