Supernova 2: battle techs

I am starting to implement the battle, even if I didn’t outline all the technologies yet. I want to visualize the battle first. I’ll have some rock-paper-scissor rules, but I will also leave an open opportunity for the future. Let me explain better 🙂

The units will each have a special purpose and weapons. Scout ships will be able to run cloacked nearby the big battleships and fire short range missiles or beam lasers, while interceptor can discover them even if they’re cloacked, and so on. But I also made the game in a way that in a future upgrade you could design your own ships.

Each ship has some basic stats like speed, view range, etc but also a very important value called “energy”. It measures the ship’s energy production. Each device you deploy on the ship, it consumes energy. So in a future update, you could still use the default ships equipment, but also re-design the ship equipment, still keeping the base values. So the only limit would be the ship energy, which usually is equivalent to the ship size, with some variations.

So far everything seems going quite well, I have fear however when I’ll have to start programming the computer AI… with so many variables to take into account, won’t be an easy task!!

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