Supernova 2: production

Today I’ve made another important decision about this game. While making the technology screen, initially I thought to divide it into 2 parts, research and build. So you would first need to research the technology, and then build it. However I realized that wouldn’t make much sense, and would also be too much “micro-management” for this game.

This game indeed started as a wargame with a macromanagement backend, and must remain that. Otherwise I could add more details, but also more complexity. It wouldn’t make much sense to research a new terraforming system, then to automatically build it on all planets at once? no, that would require some degrees of micromanagement, like deciding on which starsystem implement/build the new technologies.

So instead the production resources and the production speed will be used only in the wargame, adding yet another strategic element. I’ve already talked about the ships crew veteran training, the HP bonuses, and so on. Now there will be yet another component based on the production:

– initially when deploying the units on the battlefield you’ll spend resource point based on which unit to deploy (every one will have a cost) and maybe even deciding which devices to install on them

– then after battle has started, you can deploy new units building it, but building a new ship requires both resources and also some game turns to be done (once again depending on the ship size and quality). So the resources will influence what kind of ship you can build, and the production speed will reflect how fast you’ll be able to deploy the new units.

Imagine it like a reinforcement on the battlefield. A battle could be won this way, even when fighting with a enemy with higher crew experience and stronger starting unit, simply defending and building quickly more units after battle has started!

Yes, I’m very proud of this decision, I think will add even more variety to the wargame part 🙂

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