Supernova 2: technologies

Ok after finishing the macro-resource management part, I am now doing the technology one. It will be interesting. Of course since I am not making a 4X game, the techs will all focus on the wargame part with a few exceptions (maybe just a few techs to boost population growth, productions, and so on).

Now I am starting to plan the wargame part, the real core of the game, where I hope players will spend lot of their time 🙂

Since it will be turn based, I’ll have to carefully balance all the units. I don’t like games in which you start with a low-level unit that soon become obsolete, “cannon food”… I want every units to have pro/cons in a sort of rock/paper/scissors game.

So the small scout won’t have much firepower but they’ll be able to evade shots of the bigger cruisers, effectively beating them in the long run. This is just an example. I plan also to have different weapons, like beam weapon, missiles, shields, etc.

Before you ask, in this first release there won’t be any “ship design” options, in which you can completely customize your ships blueprints.

The units types will be fixed, as well as their weapons/shields/devices. What will change is the possibility of upgrades . Example: Red Legion scout ship with 2 lasers and 1 missile. If you discover the technology “black laser”, an upgrade to the normal laser that delivers more damage, you automatically have it upgraded on the unit. Same for the missile. I have yet to think if allow a choice on what to install on the ships once battle start, in case you have 2 techs that can apply to same device type, like “black laser” and “neutron laser”. It could add a lot of more strategy since each weapon could have different damage types to different enemies, but probably I’ll add this feature in a future upgrade… 😉

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