Supernova 2: taxation!

I’m almost done with the empire resource allocation screen, which is the macro-management core of the game, but I am encountering a problem… take a look at the screenshot below (click to enlarge it):

supernova 2 resources allocation

every “social class” has a PRIMARY and SECONDARY impact on the game, from the officers improving your ship accuracy and view in the fog of war, to the engineers extracting more raw materials and increasing production speed.

The problem is population now. What it should do? ok increase the current population size up to the max population cap – but I can’t make it have an influence on all the other categories as I thought originally. That would make a mess I think, and also would unbalance the game – once one of the two faction had conquered more than 60-70% of the stars they would surely win, if the other categories performance is influenced by the population amount… in practice there won’t be any chances to reverse the situation once one faction starts to have more population than the other.

I could make the influence on other categories smaller than what I thought, but I think I found another way, a better one – taxation 😀

Population = taxes = more money to the empire. That’s what happened in whole human history so far… the government always want more population, to increase the amount of taxation. But what would be money spent in? It could be a sort of bonus like in Civilization game. Spend 100 gold/credit to instantly discover a new technology, or build a new ship blueprint, and so on. Since my game will use macro-management, I have to think well about how to implement the whole money feature. For example if you go in red, what happens? since both faction are empires, there could be population revolts, and some starsystem could turn neutral!

Yes, I think I’ll go this way. With this system also you can’t conquer quickly all the starsystem. You must first populate the existing ones to increase your empire economic growth, sustaining its expansion on the space 🙂

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