Heileen on Xbox and iPhone

I’m currently working on getting the first game Heileen to work on xBox Indie Games and iPhone. I just started the port to XNA and is coming out nicely even if I’m just at the beginning 🙂 I haven’t started looking ath the iphone yet because there’s an additional problem on that platform: the screen size, which is really small. So I’ll probably have to find a VERY SMALL font, and resize everything to fit the smaller screen. Sigh if at least was 4:3 ratio, but instead has a weird resolution of 480×320… 🙁

Anyway my goal is to keep working fulltime with Renpy and the Pc/Mac/Linux platform and in spare time go on with those other ports, since I’m dubious simple VNs can do well in those market dominated by young male players 😉

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