There would be still interest in a dungeon-crawler like Dungeon Master?

You might remember some time ago I posted some screenshots and even a video of a game called Towers Of Destiny. It was a first person 3d rpg, both outdoor and indoor. However, the project has been put on hold, for several reasons:

  • the expenses needed to make a decent-looking game would have been very high, probably x2-x3 times the amount needed to make one of my current games (VN, dating sims, etc)
  • a compromise would have been to go for a less detailed art. But I had fear that it would look crappy, even if judging by Spiderweb Games success, people playing old-school RPGs aren’t much interested in top-quality art
  • was still a lot of work – when you make something in 3d, there are many more problems than when doing a simple 2d game. Compatibility, performances, bugs, different programming tecniques required and so on

But now I was wondering if would actually make sense to make such a kind of game. Would YOU play/buy a sort of Dungeon Master 2010? 😀

I liked those games a lot, but I’ve played them when I was a teenager, so I’m not really sure if I would play them now. There was Might & Magic V on sale at GoG and I didn’t even buy it (also because I don’t have much time to play games anymore). Still, if I have to choose between the tilemap games (think about RPGMaker XP games) or a first person indoor/outdoor game like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and so on, I would have no doubt which one to pick (the second!).

Sometimes I think about hiring someone to code a simple 2d dungeon crawler game, maybe even in flash so can be played directly in the browser. But is not that easy, even the art required is a lot and needs to be planned carefully (you have to build up the visual with several layered images/tiles for the floor/walls/ceiling).

It sounds complex? It is 🙂 Bah maybe I should hire people to do something else like a classic wargame or another card rpg game (since I love those).

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4 Responses to There would be still interest in a dungeon-crawler like Dungeon Master?

  1. On my end? Yes. Definitely. But I don’t know if I represent a “large market appeal” or anything like that.

    But I do keep discovering that the difficulty of making RPGs constantly exceeds my expectations. But maybe it’s just because I’m an idiot.

  2. admin says:

    LOL, we’re 2 idiots then XD
    Jokes apart, I seriously believe RPGs are the hardest kind of game to produce. You need dialogues, inventory, a battle/spells system, a background story, a map, movements, NPC, lots of art…

    I seriously believe that a good dungeon crawler would still be successful today, mainly because has no competition. But as I said, is insanely hard to produce 🙁

  3. Privateer says:

    Personally speaking, couldn’t care less about the graphics. I’d pay money for a pure-text game if it had enough breadth/depth/scope to it. I keep hoping that something along the general lines of Lost Souls would come along, massive world, massive depth…but turnbased and singleplayer instead of a MUD with a retarded two-second realtime combat system.

    Art is nice, but I don’t need it for immersion. This is why roguelikes are enjoying a resurgence.

    • admin says:

      That’s interesting 🙂 Haven’t started yet with the dungeon crawler (coder is busy finishing another project first) but I really think you’re not an isolated case at all. I believe there’s a niche of people that would like a return of those great turn-based games full of stats. I personally like to design (but not code! hehe) them, so all is good! Hopefully in 2011 I’ll be able to ship a product like this.

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