Friday catsnowblogging: RPG side-quests

Gilda playing in the snow – she looks like a small fox. This is a photo from my archive. Thankfully didn’t snow so much today 🙂

Today I plan to finish the “Battle Arena” side quest in Planet Stronghold. I always loved arena battles, a series of consecutive fights of increasing difficulty. I mixed several robots, aliens, enemies that usually you don’t met in the game, and obtained interesting challenges (in many cases you’ll have to use psionics to win at hard difficulty level).

Yesterday I also finished adding all the achivements, there are 18 in total. They are all non-trivial ones. I hate when in some games you start playing, and suddenly you hear a jingle and a big text appears on screen “achievement unlocked! you pressed the mouse button for the first time!” 😀 I think they should be all somehow difficult to get. The easiest ones are the “killing ones”, like the RoboKill achievement that requires you to destroy 25 robot enemies in game. The hardest one probably is “Ultimate Hero” which involves never losing a fight in the whole game!

I was also thinking if I didn’t do too much for this game. For sure it’s going to be priced at $24.95 once is finished, but perhaps would have been a wiser choice to try first with a smaller story and see if my users like this kind of RPG/story hybrid. But anyway is too late to go back now! The good thing is that 80% of enemies are finished (including their statistics and special attacks) so really all that’s left is writing the story and design the various encounters and quests.

I am scared to say this but I think I might really met my self-imposed deadline of January 2011! 8)

Meanwhile I did some preliminary gameplay testing for my Heileen spin-off game idea. As I said it wouldn’t be a VN, but more like a story-based time management game (or strategy game maybe, since it involves thinking and not just clicking fast). I believe I might be able to price this one at $14.99 only since would be easier/faster enough to produce (but still quite fun I think).

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4 Responses to Friday catsnowblogging: RPG side-quests

  1. gekiganwing says:

    You mentioned the manga China Girl in your Twitter. As you said, not many people know about it yet. It’s not my favorite romantic series, but it seems restrained, and has some unique ideas.

    • admin says:

      Yes, I mostly liked it for the kind of art (is very nice I think) and also for the setting/light story. Would be cool source of inspiration to do a dating sim 🙂

  2. LittleRamyun says:

    I would so love to visit your house one day. I love animals so much XD

    I think PS is going to be an excellent game. It’s innovative and engaging. It will definitely catch some attention.

    • admin says:

      Heh, you’d surely enjoy it, with 11 cats, 2 dogs and a dwarf rabbit 🙂 Is a bit far from where you live though… XD
      Thanks, so far many people love PS. I’ll try my best to make it a fun game. I might have some more texts to send to you since there are so many that the other volunteer has hard time to keep it up! 8)

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