Announcing a superheroes game!


In the picture above, Gilda in a very cute and funny pose/expression. She’s adorable πŸ™‚


In this other picture instead you see the “good” superheroes, led by that mysterious undead girl, who is indeed calledΒ  “Undead Lily” (cool name for a superhero, eh??). If you’re put off by the nudity of some characters don’t worry, in the game they’ll be covered “by default” and you’ll have to enable the sexy version in the options!

The game is obviously in a very early stage, meaning that actually there’s only a few pictures and a storyboard, and nothing else. With this game I’m going to mix some genres again, this time a real-time RPG battle system (think about Final Fantasy) with a more strategic / simulation part where you have to manage your heroes headquarter, building new weapons, researching new stuff, and so on.

The main gameplay of this title would be something like this (I am still brainstorming, if you have any suggestion feel free to post in my forums!):

  1. you would have to control a team of good and a team of bad superheroes. I think this aspect would be quite fun. In practice the starting plot condition would force the two teams to work together, even if obviously they are opponents.
  2. each team is made by 5 superheroes, associated to one of the following elements: Death, Life, Fire, Air, Water, Earth (the elements will be also key component for a rock-paper-scissor mechanic in the battles)
  3. At a certain point, the teams will split again. Each team will be lead by the Death character, which for the good side is Undead Lily, and for the evil side is “Big Blind”.
  4. Except those two fixed characters, you will be able to recruit a team based on your relationship values with each of the remaining heroes. The relationship will start neutral and change during the first phase, using the usual relationship system present my other games. Most of the choices will be mutually exclusive, since you’ll be forced to have one of the two heroes for the four remaining elements.
  5. This should guarantee a good replayability since everytime your choices might be different and you might end up with a different team of heroes.
  6. From this point, there will be another good part of the game/story that will see you face the other team and other creatures, and this is also where the strategy part will take place: each team will have a headquarter where they’ll be able to research new blueprints, build new weapons/items and train some unique superheroes skills. To do that, you’ll need resources that you will gather with the fights – so in practice it will be somehow an equivalent of the crafting you see in the fantasy RPGs.

That is the basic idea I have for the game. Of course, from now until the game gets finished (I believe might be next year!) things could change a lot!

One thing is sure: I’m finding myself a lot “burned” after making Planet Stronghold, so the RPG, and simulation part of this game will be very simple/casual, like Spirited Heart for example. I think (and so far my sales data confirm this) that I make my best games when I don’t excessively overcomplicate them. Considering that adding more details/stats/complexity also takes more time in coding and testing, you can see that I’m not really motivated to try making something as complex as Planet Stronghold anytime soon! πŸ™‚

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9 Responses to Announcing a superheroes game!

  1. Venus says:

    From first impressions, I will not associate these characters from a legion of superheroes.

    But it looks good and willing to give it a try. =)

  2. Carmentis says:

    Hmm, all I know is I want to romance that plant guy (even more so considering my element irl is indeed Earth) sooooo any chance that would be possible? I did see the word relationship in there so…. *crossing fingers*

    • admin says:

      Ah yes of course, like all my games, there will be optional romance options and the guy indeed will be one πŸ™‚

      • Carmentis says:

        Wonderful! I’m highly looking forward to it then! Is the main character going to be Undead Lily? Will you be able to chose the leader of your team? If Undead Lily is the main one will you be able to customize her a bit? I just think it will be slightly odd to see her romancing people but hey if she is the main character then I don’t mind. =3 I don’t nit pick to much and just make suggestions and ask and all.
        I noticed your going to add an risque option as well for this one which I do indeed like a lot considering that risque can be nice and tasteful if done right and not just porn like some people think it all is. How far are you going to have the risque option? Bikini type or will you be doing more?

        • admin says:

          Don’t worry you make useful comments πŸ™‚
          As I posted I’m really in the early early stages, meaning that I don’t even know exactly how the gameplay will be, will need to do some tests to see if real-time battles are going to work or not.
          I think it might be also nice to play as Big Blind (will post a picture soon, he is somewhat scary though!) maybe for males. It might be a sort of add-on though, since I don’t want to make a superlong game like Planet Stronghold right now.
          About the customizing yes, I could add that, customization of colothing and such but I don’t know if would be useful. Maybe could be related to some new skills or armor, even if being superheroes it won’t be like a RPG where you have lot of items, but more a few carefully picked new skills or items.

          About the risque, it’s bikini but is really tiny πŸ™‚ if you saw this picture I posted in my tweet: you have an idea how TINY are those “clothes” XD

  3. Carmentis says:

    Ahh, I’m excited about it being an RPG honestly. With the release of Dragon Age 2 it’s been holding my interest a lot. How will you be managing the battles? Will they be picture wise like in PS or will you go the 2d sprite way?
    I’m curious as to what Big Blind will look like although I don’t think I’ll ever play him, I rarely if ever play a male character unless the game is really good like Prototype for 360/PC. XD
    Heck clothing customization would be a big thing to me as well, I absolutely love it when I get new armor/weapons in game and they actually change. I don’t see how in others you can get ‘uber sword of death’ and it looks like the newbie sword you started off with. Hmm, you if your up to suggestion you could always keep the name Undead Lily but make her look sorta more like a Dark Elf from Lineage II. They have the exact same color palette and all and they are like the damage/dark type of race. I could show you pictures if you want as well.

    And mmmm, I can’t wait to have that option. XD The fire elemental guy (I assume is the one on the far left) looks very romance-able to imo. =d He kinda reminds me that he would act like Fenris from Dragon Age II and I adore him. <3

    Also I was going to post some suggestions in the forums but I don't see a section for the game.

    • admin says:

      Well the game isn’t fantasy setting so I’m not going to have elves, dwarves and so on. They’re all human, or better superhuman πŸ˜€
      I’ll have to ask the artist about the clothing, however first I want to have all the battle animations done. I plan to use FF side-view with sprites performing the attacks but have to see first about the costs… doing animations in 2d is quite expensive! Worse case will be similar to PS but with some more battle animations.
      I plan to have all characters romanceable, will have to see in the end though if that won’t take too much time, since with this game I also want to have some different metagame, like managing your headquarters and such.

      If you want to post suggestion in forums just use the generic RPG games forum:

      will make a subforum when I’m more advanced into the development of this game.

      • Yil says:

        “I plan to have all characters romanceable”

        This is good news indeed. No character named “Lily” can realistically be expected to avoid seducing someone as adorable as Miss Ice up there. Being an undead and ice elemental they’re practically made for each other.

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