Every moment of your life is a simulation


In the image above, Lilli the cat sleeping inside a vase. She found it comfortable 🙂

Dreaming Newinterface Townmap

Yes, every moment of your life can be simulated. Every action you do has consequences, that depends on your stats and skills. If you decide to play an action game, and you don’t have enough hand-eye coordination, you’ll have less chances of succeeding than someone else who does. If you don’t know Enligsh, you’ll have a very hard time to play my games. If you don’t have internet, you cannot read this 🙂

Those are just some (silly) examples, but if you look at the Remember Me galery above, you can see that I am trying to simulate almost every aspect of a young lady in the modern times, even when you end the playing day and you go to sleep, it’s a simulated event: you can have a good night, you can dreams, you can have nightmares, and so on. I’m particularly satisfied by how the game is coming along and I really hope that the cute artwork won’t turn more “hardcore” players away because behind it there’s a very complex life simulation, that can be enjoyed by any kind of player, I think.

In the gallery of pictures you can also see the new dialogue layout, which finally replaced my poorly done orange box (typical coder art) that you saw in the first game screenshots!

I’m still working on the game, and I have no estimate release date. However there are several features that are already in place:

– 8 different romance ending + 1 ending alone
– every game day is divided into several parts: dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, late afternoon, sunset, evening, night
– town map from which you can visit several different locations
– each location has several actions available that change based on: time of the day, required actions, plot status, your skills, and more (some of them will be fun to discover)
– the usual relationship system between you and the other characters in the game
– you can raise your stats doing specific actions in certain locations
– a mall where you can buy stuff. Some useless, other really useful for the game (some even required to unlock certain path with some characters)

I’ve instead given up the idea of doing an ice-cream minigame, because it really doesn’t fit much in this kind of strategy/simulation game, and beside it has already been done lot of times, I want to make something more original, so I’d rather add more options/paths than spend my time in doing a sort of time management game.

I’m quite pleased since this game started as a simple dating sim, but it turned into something like my fantasy game Spirited Heart, but set in modern times 🙂

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6 Responses to Every moment of your life is a simulation

  1. Soh says:

    Wow really like this kind of simulation/dating game ! Grrr seems good!

    Ps : still waiting your reply about the paypal thing. thanks

  2. Soh says:

    Alright, i didn’t see it…Thanks im now playing it.

    Waiting for your otome site, i guess dedicating it to otome games will bring more people.

    Remember me looks really good…i will follow the news. Keep it up ! Bye.

  3. Sakura M. says:

    Woo! Glad to see more progress on this! Anyway, this is a bit off-topic, but…any news going on with Flower Shop 2?

    • admin says:

      Ayu is working on it, but she has many projects going on and conventions to go, so I don’t want to force her – I told her once she is satisfied with the plot/story we’ll start coding the minigames and polish everything. I cannot give any estimate release right now, sorry. But I think is safer to say that will be ready before next Christmas!! 😀

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