Deadlines are part of almost every job. With indie games, and in particular small/single indies like me, deadlines are usually self-imposed.

When I used to work in a (small) software house, we had deadlines and was a bit crazy. Every time, we had to do last-minute “crunch mode” which basically meant working 12h a day for the last weeks before the deadline. Not a great experience as you can imagine, and lots of stress!

Thank God, now that I’m indie I have more flexibility! But that still doesn’t mean that I can take as much time as I want to finish a proejct of course! A delay of one or more months will have both economical consequences (I need to regularly release new games to keep the cash flow) and also could damage my credibility (missing deadlines or delaying games is never a cool thing).

Even if I have to say that my followers are absolutely awesome and even when they ask me “when will be game XYZ be out!!?” they do it only because they’re eager to play it 🙂

Speaking of deadlines let’s see what could be some estimate release dates for upcoming games. Note how estimate is written in bold!

Bionic Heart 2


Is the game closest to completion. At beginning of month, everything was going smoothly and I was thinking that the game might be finished by the end of February as I originally planned. However there have been some problems, so I can already say that I won’t be able to release it by that date.

In any case, I really think that March will finally see the release of the sequel of one of my first visual novels, Bionic Heart ! By the way, I recently lowered the first game price to $9.99 to promote the upcoming release of the sequel, so if you never played it, now is a good time 🙂


Everything is going well on this game, even if there’s still a lot of work to do! I managed to make two new “fact file” for Isabella and Rakesh, the latest two romanceable character of the game:

Rakeshfile Isabellafile

Writing is going steady, but still need to commission all backgrounds (though I have already an artist ready for it) and of course code the gameplay, script the scenes, and so on, so is very unlikely that this will be out before June/July 🙂

Planet Stronghold 2

Well I would be lying if I was saying that everything is going well 😀 however, this game will be a big step forward compared to the first, both in term of gameplay (a much better RPG system) and writing. Good things needs time though! At least all the romance scenes are done, below you can see a sneak peek of Joshua’s romances:


Art-wise there’s still a few more enemies to finish, and some extra “camp talk” sprite poses, where each character will be in their favorite environment (guess where Philipp will be?) when you visit them to talk. I decided to do that since talking with the characters standing up like in previous game was a bit weird!

Also showing the character in a normal life situation with normal clothes and various poses will be more realistic and also more “interesting”, for example if you go visit Rebecca at the gym, or the new hot guy Milo while he’s training… understand what I mean? 😉

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7 Responses to Deadlines

  1. SpectralTime says:

    …I may not know WHERE Phillip will be… but I know WHAT Phillip will be.

    Wearin’ that hat! Hey-oh!

    In all seriousness, I’m rather surprised that we know so little about Bionic Heart in light of how close it is to release compared to the other games. I mean, end of the month (originally)? We’ve got more information, it seems, on even that Roommates game.

    • admin says:

      Philipp will be in the colony pub drinking 😉
      About BH2 well I made some posts, but since is a sequel of the first game I didn’t think to post about the characters even if maybe I should. I posted many videos though.
      The “problem” is that it’s a game that has lots of plot twists and things to discover so I really can’t write too much without spoiling the fun!
      But you’re right in the next weeks will try to write more about it.

  2. kiiouex says:

    I like reading about your process! And if you keep making games, I’ll keep buying them! There’s so much about what you do that I like. For one thing, I don’t know many Western developers working in this genre, I love same-sex romance options, you do strong plot with solid gameplay… -fangirl gushing- Anyway! ^^; I’m excited for the new games! Especially Planet Stronghold 2 and Spirited Heart 2. And everything else. (And thanks for the Valentine’s Day discount)

  3. Lex says:

    Rakesh wearing the bindi really struck me as odd. At first, I thought maybe it was a mole, but I’m guessing it’s not and it’s sort of universe breaking for me because I’ve never seen a young Indian male wearing a black dot. I’ve seen old Indian men wearing red bindis, but they usually aren’t in a dot shape.

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