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First of all, I redid my website layout, I think is much better and functional than the previous one (the shopping cart layout needs to be updated but don’t worry, it works fine and is safe!). Second, the big update for Planet Stronghold is now out of beta, so you can grab it from the official page:

Third, it’s been a while since I last posted a cat picture and did a progress report of all my games, so here we go:
tofu snowIn the image above, my cat Tofu looking at the snow from her little wooden house

As you know I have always several projects going on at once. Let’s make the point of the situation. I’ll try to order the games in the orders they’re likely to be finished, but of course it’s not a definitive list:

Bionic Heart 2

As you know everything is ready, but there are some serious plot bugs. Hopefully out at the end of this month, at least the beta testing stage!


The otome version is at a very good point. It has all the characters/background art, and it’s only missing the soundtrack (but that can be done in 2 months) and the writing. After that is done, I’ll need to put together the gameplay, but shouldn’t take long since will mostly reuse the one already coded for Always Remember Me.


Even this game is at good point, but since is very big, it will be probably out after Nicole. Story-wise there’s the last part left to write, but then we’ll need to playtest/edit everything so that’s still a lot of work. All the backgrounds are still missing, though I have already contacted a person to do them, and we decided to add several more CG images for the Spring Break event where most love-stories will really begin to flourish 😉

Then there’s still the soundtrack to do, which very likely will also consist of a theme song, since one of the characters of the game (Max) is a singer in a band.

Planet Stronghold 2

This is a very ambitious game, so while a good amount of work is already done, like all the romance scenes, we will add more enemies and probably camp talk images like those that will be present in Loren sequel. The RPG framework is also being rewritten completely and will take some time because the coder want to make it more flexible than previous one (so it can be adapted and reused for future games better).

The other games

Even if I don’t have time to post regular updates, progress is being made for Amber Magic Shop, Queen Of Thieves, Roger Steel and all the others 🙂

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10 Responses to Progress update

  1. Lex says:

    Love the cat peeking out of her house! I thought that you let your pets inside, though?

  2. kiiouex says:

    You cat is too cute ;-; Sounds like you’ve got heaps of work ahead, but I’m excited to see them all finished!

  3. Li says:

    wow. you did wonders with the website. well done! and good luck.

  4. Albert1 says:

    The website is wonderful – by the way, what hosting provider do you use?

  5. SunnyBunny says:

    Awwww, I love how your cat’s name is Tofu. So cute. xD So when you say the otome version of Nicole is at a good point, does that include the yuri routes?

    • admin says:

      No, otome is a japanese words that means “maiden game” and regards GxB romance only. Otherwise I would have used the word yuri 😀
      However the writer will begin working on the yuri path immediately after he finishes the otome, so there should be only a few months of distance between the two releases!

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