Where On Earth Is Undead Lily?

Do you recognize her? it’s Aquaria, one of the superheroes of the Undead Lily game

In the blog title, I paraphrased the famous game “Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego” 🙂 The reply to the question Where On Earth Is Undead Lily could be “she went on hiatus for a year or two but now she’s about to come back!”.

Yes, because finally all the backgrounds for the game are finished (that artist was busy doing Loren GUI and other things, so wasn’t his fault), and even if I asked the original character artist to redo the final romance scenes, work on the game can start already.

I’m still in the planning stage for now, but I really think that I’m going to make it a bit different from the original idea. A tag-team battle, arcade style wouldn’t really be simple to do in Ren’Py, and since those games are all about the animations, it’s definitely not a good idea. So I’m just going to make it more RPG-esque! 😉

In the game there are 12 characters, 6 “evil” and 6 “good”. That would be already enough to do a classic party-based RPG. However, since there won’t be a real exploration but more like a sort of big “map” where you move your units each turn (who remembers the old game “Archon”?), I think I’m going to make it similar to a collectible card game, where each character can learn to summon creatures to help them in battle, starting from low level ones to big powerful ones.

So the idea for now is to allow a party of max 2 superheroes, each one able to summon several “elemental minions”. Or maybe only 1 superhero each battle, as always will have to see while playtesting what is better.

Anyway that’s the initial idea for now 🙂

I’ve been also experimenting more with the “topsecret” RPG set in Aravorn. I had a brilliant idea (modestly MOUHAHA). Take a look at the screenshots below:

thiefattack warriorattack

As you can see, the position on the battlefield will have a big impact on the gameplay, and the Thief will have a special bonus vs the Warriors being able to always attack without penalty any enemy, no matter their position. This small change should lead to interesting decision during the battles, and finally give some use of the thieves in the front line.

I had other ideas like some random special zones on the battlefield that would give bonus/malus (like a rock area that increases defense, a mud area that slows character down). But have yet to see if they’re easy to implement. Anyway as you can guess I’m having some fun experimenting! 😀

But that is just a side-project. On Planet Stronghold 2 side, Anima is going forward coding the new RPG framework that will be awesome, with lots of new features, while Aleema is doing her great job as always writing the story. I can’t wait to reach the demo stage with this game to show it to everyone 😉

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4 Responses to Where On Earth Is Undead Lily?

  1. Wyvern says:

    RE: Undead Lily — From a tactical perspective, two characters at a time sounds more interesting because it lets you try out varied combinations of heroes.

    • admin says:

      Currently testing a new idea, 3 character that can swap, each one in a specific area of the battle (Summoning, Offensive/Defensive Aura). Seems interesting and quite new (an idea of the writer).

  2. Spectre says:

    I look forward to PS2, as I really liked the set-up of the storyand Loren2, where in Loren1 I pretty much liked all the characters. It looks like yor plans for PS2 are very strong and attractive. What, are you thinking something along the lines of fire emblem? That could be fun. It could also let you build a partnershio system based on attributes, and let the player be more or less effective depending on choices. It’s an interesting idea.


    I’ve been playing through Bionic Heart2- the writing got MUCH better, the storyline is still pretty interesting and gameplay was quite impressive with four perspectives and a dozen of endings in three groups- well done on that! But that’s the strongest suit of your games- some gameplay mechanics features and design. Keep experimenting, these experiments of yours seem to be yielding good results for your products.

    I don’t think I like all results of decisions though, I think some of them come across as a little too depressing. Especially in the scenario where Tom confronts Luke (I went like aw, man, come on, don’t make them do THAT; I also think that I’ve grown to like Tom a lot more; he’s a decent guy and a decent friend; Luke spent the entire game either sulking and/or hiding things which made me start to really lose patience with him, he seemed a little too passive- he was saved by being cool with Tom-Heleven developments in one of the path choices; Sarah seems to be really into Licas wilson-I haven’t yet played al the paths, naturally, since I got the game oh yesterday but I am curious to see if there is a pth choice in which she discovers his identity and what her reaction is- judging by her standards, though, it;s not going to be good but Lucas Wilson the real one tops them all though. He’d likely be an even worse antagonist that the ones you currently have given how cold-hearted and mistrustful he is; I also found it interesting how the two are actually well paralleled in Luke-Helen relationship. ). Tanya is a very good action heroine. Julia was the only character who felt…overdone. I also liked Tina, she seems to have a lot of spunk and is healthily (or not) curious. Good job with her. I think she could make a good solo main character.

    Overall this is a pretty good story. I think it could still use bringing out more depth, though, there were moments when I wanted to see more “philosophizing”, or more “moral dilemmas with a message” if you get my drift. The whole perennial rain-envronment problems and then the quasi post-apocalypse is something I would like to see exploited more, I think. In short: I like the story: it’s more gritty, but some of the background things could be better used, well,perhaps in a novel rather than a game though, I don’t know. Maybe ..a prequel showing how things before these two games happened? It may be interesting. Overall, well done with the design and the story.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, is fun because some people on Greenlight complained saying that the first one was better… 😀
      I wrote the first, and hired a writer to write the sequel, but honestly I think this one is better than the one I wrote.
      However the real problem is that male-oriented visual novels, or visual novels without sexy stuff or romance, are really hard to sell. After over one month I haven’t yet recovered the COSTS, so not even including my own time. In other words, was a big commercial failure, and I think the ONLY reason is because is a VN.
      I’m not going to make a visual novel again – however, someone in forums suggested that Bionic Heart world would make a good setting for a RPG, and I agree with it 🙂

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