A hot Summer

Technically today 21st June Summer starts, but here in Europe things are getting hotter since one week at least. Every year during this period I struggle to work, and this year is no exception. I thought that going living at 800m on sea level would have been enough but apparently I was wrong…

Nicole update

Anyway, at least I still manage to work hard in the morning. Check the video below:

Nicole’s first encounter with Ted. I chose the wrong choice on purpose since is more funny

I’m working on Ted’s route right now, and then there’s only Jeff to finish the otome version! Of course, some things are still missing, but maybe I’m not behind as I thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

Planet Stronghold 2

Spoke with the writer and the coder, things are progressing well. As for the new RPG framework, things are a bit on hiatus now but coder said that everything should be ready this September. Which means that meanwhile writer can go on with the story, so in September I could be able to start adding/design the items/encounters/enemies and have a beta shortly after. IN THEORY, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Mystery RPG

I am voluntarily not saying much about that game yet even if development has already started since several weeks. I want to have at least all the characters artwork done before starting to talk about it. Writing is going well, and I think it could be finished by this Fall. Then of courseI’ll have to code all the encounters and do the testing…

Crossing fingers, it means that this Fall I should be able to work on at least one of the two RPGs above! If that happens, I’m confident that I’ll manage to release at least a new one before the end of year, and maybe the other a few months after,so RPG fans will finally be able to play new stuff after a long wait (in the last two years I always managed to release at least a game a year).

Android platform

While I haven’t abandoned completely the idea of getting my games on iOS, for sure that won’t happen soon (andย  for sure I won’t waste anymore of my personal time trying to submit, I had enough!).

On the Android front, I’ve started porting Loren as you can see from the video below:

Loren RPG running on an Android tablet

Unfortunately there’s still some work to do (though that video is old, the character selection already works now for example). I’ve also “donated a Fire Kindle HD to the cause”, so that the Ren’Py coder can investigate the problems publishing on the Amazon store (and fix other generic Android bugs as well).

Stay tuned for more info coming in the next weeks!

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