Status update + Summer minisale

First of all check the video below:
New Planet Stronghold: Warzone gameplay video, still work in progress

is nice isn’t it eh? 🙂 This game will have a lot more gameplay element than the previous RPGs, and judging by people’s reactions they like the idea.

The colony sim, as you can see, will have a lot of variety of building and resources. While we haven’t fully tested the gameplay yet (since it’s integrated into the main game story, it needs to be written first) it evolved quite a lot from a “simple minigame” to a very detailed colony building simulation.

Similarly, Aleema started small with the isometric exploration minimap but then new ideas popped out of our minds and voilà… 😉 Is not Diablo 3, but is quite an evolution from the first game top-down exploration map! There will be several devices on each map that will give you bonus (like the Healing Pylon of the video) and you’ll be able to interact with some objects/doors/items, see the enemy encounters (showing only one type of enemy, but the number of sides of the polygon determine the battle difficulty) and so on.

The isometric view is really nice and I’m thinking if to use it also in future games. Maybe even for the battle itself, allowing more space to move and also giving the possibility to have some “epic battles”, for example the party of 4 vs 15 enemies, like some people are asking.

In any case, this will happen in the next RPGs – Planet Stronghold: Warzone will still use the same first person view in the battle (albeit with a fresh new interface/GUI).

Summer mini sale!

Lastly, I’m doing a mini Summer sale starting today 14th June until Monday 17th: 50% off on my games Summer Session, Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook and Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook.

Use the coupon JUNEBUG to get a 50% discount. Note that if you want to buy both Flower Shop games you need to purchase them separately, otherwise you’ll get only the automatic 15% discount (sorry about this but is a limitation of the shopping cart).

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