Happy Halloween

My cat Gilda is wondering how high she must jump to catch them…

Happy Halloween to everyone! This was an incredible week for me.

First of all, Nicole is officially out (but you probably already know this). In any case, I just want to remember that you can grab the free demo here: http://www.winterwolves.com/nicole.htm

The game was very well received and if continues this way it could become my most popular otome game so far 🙂

But the real news was the approval (finally!) of my RPG Loren The Amazon Princess on Steam! 😀 it was a bit shocking to be honest: not because I wasn’t expecting it, at the pace they’re greenlighting new games I knew it would eventually get in, but I thought it would need more time.

Anyway what does this means? my life is changed? I’m going to retire? Nope.

Steam gives a very big exposure but I’m an old indie (ahem) and I know well that you must not get too big expectations, and that if your game doesn’t match Steam audience you might not even earn that much. In other words if the game is good, will probably do well, but there are a thousands other factors that can influence the outcome.

Here comes my decision to take it easier and wait to release it. From now until Christmas will be an insane rush to release new games, top AAA titles, and so on. The biggest amount of money you make on Steam (as well on any other platform, including your own site) is at launch. So if I launch the game together with 3-4 new titles, and maybe one of them is a big AAA title, and then a week later there’s the Thanksgiving/Christmas sale, it could pretty much screw up everything.

Also, I want to polish the game a bit: I’m redoing the soundtrack to have only custom music, will put the latest version there, I want to include achievements and possibly use the DLC system for the N’Mar expansion.

So as you can imagine is a lot of work to do, since I need to learn everything from scratch and the last thing I want is to rush things!

Ah before I forget: I’ll also add a “censored version” for all the romances. So the game available on Steam will be playable by everyone and not require any age ratings. I was forced to take this decision because getting an official rating (ESRB, PEGI) is out of discussion for a small indie like me (too expensive, too much paperwork). The best way will be to buy the game from my site so you know you can play the “naughty version” if you want, and still get a free steam CD-key 😉

In short, Loren will be on Steam but very likely after Christmas, since I think that is the best for my game 🙂 Meanwhile, maybe some other titles will get in… both Planet Stronghold and Spirited Heart are close to the top100, so you might go and vote for those games as well:



Next week, will talk about the Roommates and SOTW status/progresses… stay tuned! 😉

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12 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. legmaco says:

    Just wanted to know… Will the censored version be an option on steam or will it be mandatory (i.e. the “uncensored” version will not be an option on steam?) Will be getting this game either way but it’s good to know if I should bother playing the steam version or just play the game on desura…

    • admin says:

      I need to talk with a Steam representative but very likely I’ll be able to offer only the censored version there, unfortunately 🙁

      • legmaco says:

        Yeah true, if that becomes the case, I might play it through on desura and try to get the steam achievements on my 2nd playthrough (^_^)

  2. Miakoda says:

    Taking your time is certainly a good idea. If Steam does another large approval, you may find yourself in the situation where you are trying to get 2 (or more) games in shape and you don’t want to be pulling your hair out.

  3. Jaeger says:

    Congratulations on getting the approval on Steam. Now you got your foot in the door, hopefully it make the approval process of the other games faster.

    • admin says:

      Hehe I don’t know, of the older ones might still be difficult, but maybe for the future RPG could be easier 🙂

      • legmaco says:

        Juat wait a little after your Loren release on steam and you will get a fanbase and then just send out news that you put other projects on steam and we will help you with all our votes (^_^)

        • admin says:

          Well, luckily I already have a fanbase =D but of course is not as big as it could be for someone that has a game out on Steam, that’s sure.

  4. Lex says:

    Congratulations on getting your game on Steam! This is really exciting news.

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