Nicole beta officially out

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Get the demo and buy the game in the official game page at:

After a long wait, Nicole is finally in beta! The beta actually started last Monday, so this version is already very stable! The latest 3 updates consisted mostly of typos and wrong images, so it should be perfectly safe to play this version (I got report of people who finished all the endings).

So what are you waiting for? Nicole needs your help! 🙂

Update on the yuri version

As you might know, a yuri version is also in the works. This time the yuri will be a completely separate game. Once it is ready, I’ll make a new demo where you can choose in the beginning which kind of content you want to see in the game.

The art is at good point but the writing has just started, so right now I can’t make any guess about when it will be available, though I hope worse case scenario Spring 2014!

…and the RPGs?

There’s no doubt that the RPGs have become my most popular games, so don’t worry I haven’t forgot about them. Right now the new Planet Stronghold 2 writer is busily working in the mines under the iron fist of my whip… ahem I mean, I’m motivating him to work fast 😉

Regarding Seasons Of The Wolf, writer should resume working on it in November and I still have to code almost two seasons of the game story. I plan to do like I did with Loren, and release the game as I’m working on it. So once I finish the full first season (Winter) I’ll release a beta demo for it, then when I finish the second I’ll update the demo to include the second season as well and so on.

I think that at leas the first season should be ready for Christmas 🙂

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10 Responses to Nicole beta officially out

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  2. GreyLady says:

    I’m so happy Nicole is out!! Sadly, I have three exams this week so I don’t think I’ll be able to play it. But I’ll definitely buy it next week! And I’m waiting anxiously for PS2, SOTW, Loren 2, and Undead Lily. Those are in my “must get” list of 2014+ games. Thank you so much for your hard work! Also, Happy Halloween! 😀

  3. Miki says:

    I just bought it and played ’till end but i can’t figure out which boy needs which 2 statuses TwT pls pls post that btw great story line <3 can't wait for gxg ver

  4. Padme says:

    I want to buy this game! Would you release it on desura too? I have a habit of buying off from there.

  5. Nicole says:

    Hi winterwolves team, may i know once i buy this game and an update is available, will i still be able to update the copy i bought? also, what will be the perks for the bonuses? what will chibis do etc etc?

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