When I told my wife I was in crunchtime mode, she made those cookies. I should do crunchtime more often!

Soo this week was supposed to be in crunchtime mode. And I was! Until the cosmic conspiracy decided that I couldn’t finish Nicole this week. Oh noes! What happened?

Well, after last Friday’s blog post things were going smoothly and I was making big progresses. The “online shopping screen” was done by Monday:

the online shopping in the game will let you buy items to give to characters

then, the trainwreck happened 😀

Tuesday my TV LED broke, and discovered was because the cat pissed on the back of it 🙁 had to call the technician to retire it to get it fixed and then waited for the phone call. The warranty obviously doesn’t cover that, so here goes another unexpected expense…

Wednesday had power cut for 6h, and besides, <ahem> it was the 12th anniversary since my wife and I met. So I really had to take that day off! some friends on twitter said that the power cut in this specific day wasn’t random and that my wife was the main suspect… 😉

The next day, Thursday, a small vet emergency forced me to drive to town: 150km of driving with the cat, away from home for another 6h and too tired to work when I got back.

So… there went the “productive week”! Anyway, I made really good progress in the previous days so I might still be able to finish the beta this weekend or early next week. Now excuse me, going back to eat some cookies. Crunchtime!

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