A cute weekend

The official trailer for Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook redone for Steam launch

This weekend will be full of cute stuff. First of all, one of my first non-otome dating sims, Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook, will launch on Steam today.

New members of C14 dating cast revealed!

Those are secondary characters, but still important for the story. I am officially in love with Joan, because… freckles! 😉 Click each portrait below to see a full body image!

sherriSherri Keller
Occupation: Professor (anthropology department)
Languages: English, French
Melissa’s professor and mentor, who specializes in zooarchaeology and human remains. She will be supervising Melissa during the field school and providing feedback on her performance. With her informal method of teaching, students find it easy to seek her guidance.

rosemarieRosemarie Brenner
Occupation: Archaeologist and lithics expert
Languages: German, English, a little Dutch
Originally from Germany, Rosemarie joins the Calen Cave team during the summer excavations. Although she may clash with the staff over ideals and procedures, she’s dedicated to her work on stone tools. She’s energetic and demonstrative, with a teasing side to match.

joanJoan Petit
Occupation: 1st year music student
Languages: French, some English
Joan is a bashful, but amiable girl, and Chantal’s close friend. She is currently learning English, but will often get lost during conversations, leaving Chantal to translate for her.
Plays flute.

dupontAugustin Dupont
Occupation: Chief archaeologist
Languages: French, English
Head of Calen Cave, Augustin has been supervising the excavation for over twenty years. As the leading expert, he’s devoted to meticulously recording the history of the cave. Although passionate, he can be strict and overbearing depending on how the students perform.

chantalChantal Masson
Occupation: 1st year archaeology student
Languages: French, English, a little Spanish
Chantal is a frank girl who’d rather be diving for shipwrecks than be stuck digging in a dank cave. She can be blunt at times, but she’s supportive of her friends.


The game is still in the works, but could be out sometimes this Summer. More info in the next weeks 🙂

A game that instead has been finished is Autumn’s Journey. Is not my game, but many people who collaborated/partnered with me in the past/present worked on it:

– Deji – she did most of the art of the game, and she worked on my Flower Shop games, did some extra sprites for Spirited Heart yuri, and of course she’s working on C14 and will also do sprites for Spirited Heart 2. One of the best manga artist around 😉
– KittyKatStar – She wrote it and helped Arowana with some of the coding. For me, she worked on Heileen 3 yuri romances, she is writing C14, will write some of Spirited Heart 2 romances, and helped editing a lot of games including the upcoming SOTW. A hard worker! 😀
– Arowana – she coded and edited the game and she started to collaborate with me recently, coding/editing SOTW and C14
– Nellie –  She helped with the GUI, organized the music/voices, and drew chibis. When working for me, she did the Heileen 3 chibis.

So what are you waiting for, go check it. Is free 🙂

And last but not least, to celebrate this cute weekend, here’s the romance scenes sneak peek for Seasons Of The Wolf, currently under development 🙂


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13 Responses to A cute weekend

  1. Miakoda says:

    Heh, if there is a Yuri version of this game later (I know it would be a complete new game), I hope Joan shows up. Gotta love freckles 😀

    • admin says:

      We’re in two hoping to see her again in some yuri setting =D

      • Canyon says:

        Three! Me, too. Freckles, hair color, eye color, smile, looks straight ahead. She’s perfect!

        Thanks for the link to Autumn’s Journey. I learned that Deji had a real name. I thought she was like a rock star and just always went by Deji.

  2. Nikki says:

    Already bought it!
    Could you(or somebody else) publish the ‘Autumn’s Journey’ on Steam (I mean Greenlight)?

  3. OtterFace says:

    Can’t wait for C-14! The characters are some of the most varied and interesting I’ve seen so far (not just in WW games, but games in general).

  4. SocialButterfly says:

    Aw 🙁 Why does it always feel like the male main gets the better looking and more interesting romance?
    Riley looks so much more interesting then Jariel..(he kinda looks like a mommys boy with that hair) but nonetheless love the styleart so probably gonna buy the game..and weep a little inside or even outright cry in my later corner cause only the males get Riley..(And I only play females just cant get into play males 🙂

    • admin says:

      Depends on tastes, many gay female players commented that Chalassa was much better than Krimm and they were relieved to see that 🙂

  5. Roland Plass says:

    Dear Riva,

    I always appreciate your advices about games but in this case caution is adviced. My virus scanner stopped the extraction of the Autumn’s Journey exe as it is actually infected with the DropGen Virus. This can be deleted in advance but I would not recommend that.

    I am going to tell that on the Autumns website as well.

    Best regards

    • admin says:

      I didn’t make the game, but I’m pretty sure is a false positive. Those virus scanner always report a virus when you upload a new .exe online, thus becoming basically useless 🙂
      (happens with my games too the first days I put them online)

  6. Kitty says:

    We looked into it – it’s either from popups (ads?) from Mediafire themselves, *or* antivirus flagging it as a false threat. We had people scan it for us, and they reported they were virus-free. =)

  7. Roland Plass says:

    Dear Riva,

    I received a reply stating that the file was virus free but they encountered several virus scanners which flagged Ren Py files as viruses.

    I am using Antivir (a popular German virus scanner) and downloaded a few Ren Py files as I am buying a lot of Indie games but I never had a warning.

    So I’ll give it a try using a safe environment (just in case …).

    Best regards


    • candesco says:

      I use the free version of Avira Antivir myself, Roland.
      I have 4 renpy made games installed on my computer: Loren the amazon princess, Roommates, Planet Stronghold and also Long live the queen, which is made by Hanako. I run the very last version, version, and also the latest updates. And so far Avira has not flagged all the renpy games as a virus. Not the exe which you download and not the game when installed.
      Make sure you have the last version of avira and the latest definitions. And make sure that the games you buy you only buy from the developer itself or from well known platforms as Steam and GoG, if it’s there.

  8. candesco says:

    Just downloaded Autumn’s Journey and currently playing it. Mind you, it is packed in a rar file and you just drop the whole content to somewhere (dropped it myself on my e drive). Afterwards just hit the exe and play. I think it’s a nice little VN. rpg like story, but without rpg mechanics.

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