Spirited Heart is out on Steam

Another weekend, another Steam release. This time is my fantasy raising/dating sim Spirited Heart. You can get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/293920/

The whole Heileen series was also Greenlit, however I have to keep working on SOTW and also I found new writer(s) for Nicole yuri so I’ll need to take some time to manage her. I can still guarantee that the first Heileen game will be out next month, but probably Heileen 2 and 3 will be postponed to July (they take a bit more time to test!).

The curse of Nicole yuri

As you probably know, I’m having a lot of troubles completing this version of Nicole. I decided to replace the second writer because of communication problems (she had connectivity issues) but I’m quite confident on the new one. Is still early days, but she seems very motivated, so this time I have hope 🙂

It’s crazy thinking that the game was out October last year, and to compensate the yuri fans, I am now talking with other writers who applied for the position but weren’t picked. I thought that since they are quite good (my main criteria this time beside quality was the speed) I thought: why not start some yuri/yaoi exclusive games ? After all, I promised it to my fans and I always try to keep promises 😉

Yuri and yaoi power!

In the next week, between all the crazy mess that is my daily job (Steam release, SOTW testing, etc… madness! lol), I’ll try to find the time to talk with them and get them started. Two of them already replied and are interested. No official announcements yet (I am now waiting until the whole script of a game is almost finished before announcing anything, like I did for C14 dating) but I’m working on it.

Now excuse me, must get back to work! 🙂

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12 Responses to Spirited Heart is out on Steam

  1. Canyon says:

    Yuri, yea! Thank you! I will buy them.

  2. Blackrising says:

    *laughs* Poor Nicole. Cursed to get nothing but peen. (Now that might make for an entertaining story. You play as a raging lesbian who has to fight against the game’s own restrictions to find the love of her life. The game’s defense against her onslaught is to sic hundreds of love-sick men after her while simultaneously interrupting any and all interaction she might have with girls. It’d be glorious.)

    That said, I am totally for yuri exclusive games, obviously.

  3. Ixionos says:

    M-m-m-more YURI?! *vision of birds chirping and angels playing harps* JOOOOOOOOY!!

    You, good sir, have just reached a whole new level of AWESOME! 😀

  4. Fairylyte says:

    I enjoy both yaoi and yuri, but I’m excited for a yaoi game! 🙂 I feel like I’m one of the few who wish for a yaoi Winter Wolves game, lol.

  5. Nori says:

    Who’s Yuri (know it’s a russian name) ..one of the romancable characters in Nicole? (I do know Ted, and Kurt)

  6. Seluvia says:

    I’ll pay big bucks for a yaoi game! Seriously, there aren’t many out there, so when I come across one, I’ve got to have it. Your games are awesome, so I’m looking forward to seeing your spin on a yaoi game! Can’t wait!

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