A SOTW postmortem

Well, if nothing else, SOTW brought some new awesome characters like Rowinda in Aravorn’s world!

At the time of writing this, will be exactly one week after SOTW Steam release. How it went? ahem, let’s say it didn’t meet my expectations… πŸ˜€

Don’t get me wrong: a lot of people liked the game. But it didn’t do as well as I hoped. In short, game sold, rather well to be honest, but compared to the amount of work I’ve personally put on it, I wouldn’t do it again. Now I’ll get into the details and try to find possible causes of this:

  • game length/price: this was my first mistake. The game, for the length, amount of work and resources put in it, should have been sold for $29.99 (is longer than Loren+DLC!). However, in nowadays market, is really not possible to offer a game at that price, it was better to split it in two, or do a DLC/expansion. So when I finished the game, I was “forced” to price it $25.
  • gameplay: I wanted to put more RPG gameplay on this game, more combat, skills etc than Loren. It wasn’t a bad choice on itself, but the main issue was to put too much REQUIRED combat in it. I’m not talking about the random battles, or grinding. That one was also present in Loren but was entirely optional. If I count the required battles (to advance the plot) of Loren and the ones of SOTW, there are 3 or 4 times more in SOTW!! and most people didn’t like it. Also, the clever AI resulted in longer battles after act2 because they could heal/resurrect. It’s a mechanics that is fun to play once in a while but on every battle (for most people at least, there are exceptions of course). The DLC I’m working on is much more similar to Loren under this aspect.
  • feature-creep disease: haha it is not a real disease, but it affects many game developers. The fight is nice, but why don’t you add custom battlefield conditions? the items are nice, but more variety? let’s add a random items generator! enemies AI is too dumb, let’s recode it completely! OK I’ll stop here, I think you got what I mean πŸ™‚ Adding features is not a bad thing in general, but adding too many, without thinking about all the extra work needed to test? yep.

In conclusion: I am NOT saying that SOTW was a failure, or is a bad game, or anything. I still think is a great game, sold well and without doubts the best RPG I’ve made so far. However, as you know, when running a business you need to consider the time/resources spent vs money earned. You remember when I said that the game sold more than Loren the first month? Now 3 months have passed and comparing the first 3 months of Loren, SOTW sold less (not by much, but less).

And if I take into consideration Steam? Loren outsold SOTW by ten times or more! πŸ™ this might not be about the game itself though, since even other very good games like Roommates didn’t do particularly well after they “opened the floodgates” and several new games are launched daily (Loren could stay in homepage for a whole week, SOTW for less than 8h). It seems you need to put a lot of fanservice to do well with manga games on Valve’s platform (this is a topic for another long post though).

And the problem is that this game budget was twice Loren’s, and the amount of time I’ve spent on it is longer by at least 50%… you do the math πŸ™‚

So what happens now?

Well, I actually had FUN making SOTW. Not always (especially when fixing crazy bugs), but I had fun. However it doesn’t matter much really. If from now I was making always games like SOTW (taking me 10 months of hard work every time), I wouldn’t go out of business, but I would be in serious financial trouble in just 2-3 years… and probably I would be totally burned out (I still am, have problems coding for long hours now).

So I am sorry for those who loved SOTW, but I can say that for sure the upcoming RPGs will be:

  • more focused on the story. After all, all my games are story-based, so makes sense to stick with it.
  • with less required combat! I can leave grinding open as option. But those playing mainly for the story shouldn’t be forced to play 100 fights πŸ™‚
  • more “casual”: an easier interface and rules, so that even non RPG experts can understand and play it. This has nothing to do with actual game difficulty, only with fewer rules, easier to understand. An example: if SOTW was Magic: The Gathering, upcoming games should be Hearthstone πŸ˜‰ Still very fun, but easy to learn and play.
  • better balanced for length/price. Wait, I am not going to make only cheap/short games, I am talking only about my internal management/budget. In practice I need to make sure that I don’t add too much content and spend again so much time/money on a productΒ  that then can’t be sold at the price it should be sold!

Sadly my most precious resource now is my own time. To make an example, if I want to make a game more polished, is better to add 10 new CGs, even if artist takes 2 months toΒ  draw them, than adding feature XYZ using 2 months of my time. Also because, when I do stuff myself, for obvious reasons I can’t multitask and follow other projects as I should.

Anyway, with everything I’ve said, I’m quite optimistic for SOTW DLC, because it’s like Loren: it focuses on story/romance, has a lot of character romantic interactions, a few battles, a lot of lore and “tough choices” and plot twists πŸ™‚ Hopefully will be out after the Summer!

55 thoughts on “A SOTW postmortem

  1. Baldo

    I know why Steam doesn’t love SOTW.
    It’s the title!!
    “The Amazon Princess” is catching and draws attention/curiostity from the typical Steam user, “Seasons of the Wolf” is clearly a zoology textbook or something similar, try “Naked Wolves from Twintopia” or “Cool Elves in Hot Dungeon” next time.
    Internet is a b**ch, heh…

    Grazie, and keep up the good work!

      1. lilypuff

        Actually, I’ve got to partially side with Baldo on this one. “Loren the Amazon Princess” has a certain ring to it, attracting glances and insinuating hot, fit, warrior women in bikini armors, and yuri romances. Sorry for bursting the bubble, but I think that’s a big part of what made most of your first-time customers on Steam purchase it…it certainly drew MY eyes, even if it wasn’t the whole reason why I ended up buying it.

        I have to say that I think your main problem with SOTW was the advertisement, starting with the name of the game which leaves far too much to one’s imagination. Even now, after having finished it a couple of times, I still don’t think the name suited it. Sure, there were seasons, and a wolf in the very beginning and then at the very end. Other than that, I didn’t at any time feel that the title had much to do with the story itself.

        As for Steam customers, you have to make them WANT to click it, and making them feel that they don’t have a whole lot to lose by investing in it, while at the same time not get the feeling that it’s selling itself short. I bought it because I loved “LTAP”, even though this game seemed a bit too much vanilla Bish?nen and Bish?jo for my taste. The game’s main cover picture looked great, with the main characters faces showing quite a bit of emotion (oh, how I wish they also looked that way in-game), but the rest, including the game description, seemed a bit plain.

        SOTW itself wasn’t a bad game in any way! I very much enjoyed it, even if there were some things which got to me a couple of times, but that’s a matter of personal taste regarding the characters and their personalities. It certainly was bigger than I expected, and managed to keep me pinned down for hours.

        Game…gooooood. Job of fronting the product…bad.

        1. lilypuff

          Please don’t let the sale numbers get to you. You’ve done a heck of a job making SOTW, and the game is good!

          Now you should concentrate on making more games (I’m eagerly awaiting Loren 2 πŸ˜€ ). That one should be easy because you’ve more than obviously got the skills needed. Next time, I think you should put a bit more effort in fronting your product. It’s an art in itself. If you’ve got friends, family or know someone else with experience in advertising, then you should take advantage of it.


        2. admin Post author

          I am not sure exactly HOW MUCH impact it had. I have stats for the clicks of banners:
          Loren had 1.14% CTR = 11,848 Clicks (to store page)
          SOTW had 0.43% CTR = 4,426 Clicks
          based on that yes, of course the banner of Loren was more effective. But if was just that the problem!!! LOL I could solve it in a minute. If we consider those stats, you could say that Loren on Steam sold only 3 times SOTW. Wrong, after 2 weeks it sold 15 TIMES SOTW. No banner/title/name can justify a 15 times difference to be honest, especially if from my own site the sales are just slightly lower than Loren (about 10-15%).

          Also my other game Roommates had even more impressive stats:
          1.83% CTR = 18,488 Clicks!
          And yet sold worse than SOTW πŸ™‚

          Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll put first crazy/silly/stupid/hilarious ideas, discarding more serious ones, since it seems that nowadays the ONLY important thing in a game is to make something “catchy”. Smoked-salmon vs Zombies? 1h gameplay for $4.99? woah amazing give me! = $1M dollars sales. Epic roleplaying saga with 150h of gameplay? what $25 pricetag!!? boring, pass.


          p.s. of course was joking. I’m making Loren 2 already, no worries!

          1. lilypuff

            Well, whatever you decide, I believe in you. Your games has qualities that by far outshine other “*insert genre here* with romance”-games on Steam. If only people knew…

            Don’t underestimate the power of catchy! A world filled to the brim with advertisers can’t be wrong.
            Your games are good….like, OH SO GOOD. Really, sometimes they make me metaphorically drool rainbows. Though, in all seriousness, I don’t think your sales would take any harm from you focusing a bit more on fronting your amazing products. That’s meant as constructive criticism.

  2. Kurizu

    That sucks cause imo SOTW is the best game you have made thus far. It improves on loren in every way. I loved how much there was to do. I hope you can find a good balance in making a fun game and be accessible for the masses.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks. I am honestly very surprised too, because I got a lot of positive comments about SOTW! Well I’ll keep trying πŸ™‚

  3. Canyon

    That is very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I think the “opening the floodgates” on Steam has made a lot of people change how they do things. And admittedly, a bigger story focus and less emphasis on combat are things I look for in RPGs. Even things like Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn had so little focus on story and so much focus on combat that it burned me out from playing for a long time.

    1. admin Post author

      I like combats in RPG, but I think that even the most fun combat after a while gets tiring. So either there are less battles, or the battles are shorter πŸ˜›

  4. Steve_Yorkshire

    Have you considered making your vampires sparkle … πŸ˜‰

    Actually, talking about lowering complexity/casualization, have you considered creating a much smaller game with more rock/paper/scissor mechanics and putting out at $9.99? Just to see how it fares and to see if it could be used as a stepping stone to get new users to look at your larger, more complex (and expensive) games?

    Anyhow, just a thought.

    1. admin Post author

      You talk about RPGs, right? because I have already some VN for $9.99 (like Bionic Heart/Heileen).
      Yeah I’ve considered it, maybe not $9.99 but $14.99 yes. Making my kind of games is quite expensive (background, characters, etc) so going for $9.99 would be hard. I thought about making a pixel art game for $9.99 instead πŸ™‚ the problem right now is that I’m burned after all the work on SOTW so I really can’t begin coding a new game from scratch. Maybe next year πŸ™‚

      1. Steve_Yorkshire

        Yes RPG. I was thinking very small scale, reuseable art assets and the sorts. On Steam the front page has a section for > $10/Β£7/E10/etc which might help visibility for niche games. Just a thought anyhow.

  5. Matthew Stemwell

    One concept that I’ve mentioned to my fellow gamers a few times is the heart and soul of any role playing game is how the author brings it to life and how the game makes the player believe they are actually there. This is done many ways but story is a big part of it always. If the business aspect is forcing you to cut, then story is where I would avoid cutting if at all possible. Thank you for the games so far.

  6. Tanagashima

    sorry to hear SOT didnt do as well as you hoped but i really did like it more than loren except for a few of the characters ( but I’m biased in that was the first game of yours i played) so keep up the good work and i hope SOTW sales pick up soon

  7. Entertainer13

    Honestly, the grind did cause me to stop playing seasons of the wolf. I still haven’t finished it! I’m sorry! Loren was almost perfect for me. A slightly better battle system would have been all I needed. So, well, I guess this makes ME happy, but to be honest, I’d rather you be able to make the games you want. Hopefully you still have fun making new games going forward.

    By the by, one thing I LOVED about combat was the battlefield conditions. It was interesting to try and work with them.

    1. admin Post author

      Np I understand completely, you’re probably not alone. This was a mistake, next RPG will have only a specific FEW amount of battles that are “required” to advance the plot. Then there’ll be grinding for those who like it (because a lot of people put 100h+ on SOTW grinding! lol) but as always it should be optional so every kind of player can experience the story. Since my games are ultimately about the story, after all πŸ™‚

      1. Minos

        Hi! Im a big fan of your work!
        When you say that youΒ΄re going to lower the number of battles but people will still be able to grind… Does that mean that you will not include side quests like in SoTW? because even if they are not mandatory, I really think that doing side quests is way more fun than just grinding.

        1. admin Post author

          Yes I mean battles required to advance the plot, but “hunting areas” to grind or simple side quests would be OK. It also depends on other factors like how big the game already is, and so on πŸ™‚

  8. Matt

    Why make an RPG? Just draw a sword and an orc, then go on Kickstarter and promise a cool game with a ton of features and people give you money for a game that will never exist.

  9. Lithkul

    I did not even realize your game was out yet for steam, however, you must realize I will not buy the game on steam because of the censorship that steam would needlessly give to your game and I love your artwork. For successful sales upon steam, I think you would need to try a different approach till you are more well known. Also, when selling games, you come out with the bulk, then come out with an expansion when people know they like what they see. Similar to what you did with Lorean or many of your other series. You can also combo sale games, like if you buy SOTW early, you also get X game.

    BTW I will be buying the game from your main site.

    1. Miakoda

      Actually, other than Loren, there is no censorship in the Steam version of Seasons of the Wolf or other Winter Wolves games πŸ™‚

  10. daikiraikimi

    To be honest, I would be on board for more games, where games are smaller– just because I find myself with not a lot of time to play games for long hours and if I come back to them after a long break (due to life) I’ve forgotten important details. I strongly prefer to finish a game in one session versus spreading it out over a long time because I can’t guarantee I’ll *have* free time in a reasonable interval.

    I’ve been following WW for years, and buy all of your games, so I did buy SoTW but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. T.T

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, that’s something I can relate to as well! That’s why I thought also to make smaller games, where smaller doesn’t mean bad, but shorter (with an according lower price) to please also people like you (I think there are many who due to work can’t play for long hours).

  11. Lindsey S.

    Wait, hold up, SOTW DLC? Yeep, I need to hurry up and finish the base game. I was going along at a pretty steady pace and got about 2/3 of the way through before I got distracted by Dragon Age Inquisition, which proceeded to drain my free time like an abandoned lighthouse ghost drains your health.

    1. admin Post author

      Well the DLC won’t be ready before this Summer (maybe even Fall) so there should be enough time! πŸ™‚

  12. Tabaluga

    For me SOTW lacked a bit in the story department.
    So your village and father cast you out or don’t care about you much and yet you feel like going home? Made no sense to me.
    Also the end of the Chalassa romance seems a bit far streched. Kinda put me off after my 1st and only playthrough.

    1. admin Post author

      The village cast out only Vaelis… the siblings were presumed guilty. Like in real life, there aren’t only good people or only bad people. Daronas and Shagala sided with the siblings and Vaelis for example.
      Also as much as you could hate someone, if you heard that your hometown is under attack by monsters, you might be interested in going back home to save those you like or just to see what is happening (just by pure curiosity).

      About Chalassa’s romance, which version are you talking about? the happy or the bad end? in any case in the DLC there will be explanations about lot of those things more in details πŸ™‚

      1. Tabaluga

        Puh, hard to find old posts^^
        Regarding Daronas and Shagala siding with the siblings… it didn’t hinder em to still hand em over. Of course you can argue they had to choose between their duty to the village community and their friendship towards the siblings. Well they did choose, so why should the kids want to return? Even their father didn’t help them, quite the opposite. Perhaps I’m a bit narrow minded but that’s the way I tick^^
        Chalassa’s romance has a happy ending too? Guess I missed that one.

        1. admin Post author

          Well, maybe they felt homesick? or just curiosity. If you heard that your old hometown was invaded by monsters, and you are a strong party made of adventurers, you wouldn’t go back to look? πŸ˜‰
          Regarding Chalassa’s happy ending yes, you can find more info in forums. Is a sidequest you need to complete in act3.

  13. Melandrhild

    I just discovered your games with SOTW, I plan to buy Loren later too. You make very nice fantasy games it seems, with a great japanese rpg feel to them. I’ll buy your “heartstone” games as well as your “MTG” ones πŸ™‚ (as long as they’re fantasy themed, my money’s for fantasy ^^)

    1. admin Post author

      The first card-battle game to be finished (PSCD) will be sci-fi, however if you like good dialogues/funny characters I think you’ll like that one too πŸ™‚

      1. Melandrhild

        I was more refering to your comparison “An example: if SOTW was Magic: The Gathering, upcoming games should be Hearthstone ” ^^ I finally bought Loren too (with DLC), I really hope you still do “sexy” versions of the games for those who like playing it this way, like me (and I’m female ^^ )

        1. admin Post author

          Yes I’ll keep doing sexy versions. For Loren 2-3 there are already all the romance / pin-up images featuring sexy/nudity πŸ™‚ And in future I won’t be distracted anymore by what a few vocal people claim, since is obvious by now that people WANT optional sexy stuff!

          1. Melandrhild

            Yay ! Your games are really cool – I have more fun with them than with many games released in the last years (some very famous) to tell the truth, and I love them the way they are πŸ™‚

  14. AllIsDust

    Two things I want to mention, firstly, I was looking at the first image you get on steam for both games, with a rather telling result for me.

    Pure sex appeal, mixed with martial prowess. Really covering it all: cute, sexy and heroic. That grabs attention and tells you, this is special and you won’t find this type of game often.

    Still has the martial aspect going, but apart from that, a rather conservative look.
    Not very attention grabbing and tells you really nothing special about the game.

    Secondly, about the combat. I do like a more fleshed out system and Loren was a bit of a let down there. Yet, while I fell the Season system was a minor improvement, it also felt too dragged out sometimes. I believe, partly, because enemies use many stunning/healing/similar abilities. And there were a lot of battles. Which I feel could have been slightly reduced and be focused more on being the real meaningful battles.

    Last but not least, I’ll be looking forward to more games from you, Loren 2 and otherwise. Hopefully, full of sex appeal, interesting characters and story, along with fun exciting battles.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. The improvement over Loren’s battle were a lot (I made a post about it a few months ago), like better AI (in a combat, having a smarter opponent is essential), randomized items/loot, the isometric map, custom battlefield conditions, custom cut-scenes and so on. Then, if for you (or other players) the changes seemed small then is another thing πŸ˜€
      About the battle the fun thing is that an user took time to compare Loren vs SOTW and in the end the number of battles is very similar! She even made a guide: http://winterwolves.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3573
      So more than the number I think is that they were too long, so they seemed to be more πŸ™‚

      Anyway about the sexyness I’ve learned the lesson. I won’t offer sexy content on ALL games (since some are still more family friendly) but on RPGs and more “serious” games, yep πŸ™‚

  15. Anonymous

    SOTW is the one of the best game I ever played. When I played Loren on a second day I was thinking, game is interesting but, I’m tired, let me finish it faster.
    But when I played SOTW all I wanted is more More and MORE! I played SOTW week long, without any tiredness. Game is great, is epic really. I replayed game two times after first finishing. Even found a Lava island. (that was hard)
    SOTW is 4 times better then Loren. Is really epic.
    As for me I discovered winterwolves after Loren. But SOTW is epic.
    Please don’t make stupid short games for scholars. SOTW is exactly what real RPG need to be. I was crying with Chalassa story.(really) I opened all achievements in that game. It is not correct to compare Loren with SOTW. (SOTW is new game, for example i found Loren 2 years after actual release).
    What I want really to say is that Loren is good game and we will forget it. But SOTW will live in ages in our true rpg and vn lovers hearts.
    I’ll recommend my son or daughter play SOTW if I make some :3
    Sometimes you have to choose short or long strategy select. SOTW is long strategy. It’ll make you some money even when your became real grandfather or too to old for thinking straight.
    Money is not all in that shitty live, I think that SOTW is your jocker card in heaven or something like that. I can see real live spirit in that game!
    Thanks for that game. Hope you will stay on right way.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, glad you liked the game.
      As I said is not ONLY because of the revenues, but after working 10 months on it I need a break. I can’t make such long games anymore, I’m probably getting old πŸ˜€

  16. Anonymous

    Please, don’t moderate that comment.

    Hi, Creator I feel pity, for cracking you game for personal use (I already removed everything, so it is a joke). Price is really no affordable for me now. I’ll buy game in future.
    Two previous comments (is mine) please moderate last one from that two.
    I want to help you with SOTW translation to russian free of charge. (Is not that huge audience, but I know people who buy all vn an rpgs translated to russian on steam.)
    I know that SOTW has and huge bunch of text build in. But I’m sure I can handle it. (even I’m really busy I think I can find some time).

    I already translated Shan Gui (google it) vn on steam (it is small but lovely vn with not huge amount of text, but since English translation was really bad, I used original Chinese text, and English translation only as some kind of reference, so it was slower that I thought) to Russian.
    Mail me if your OK with that idea. I want to help you with what I can.
    You can use T6E39-0VABB-9QGK8 key for Shan Gui on steam if you don’t have that game in your collection. (I received 100 keys keys for helping with translation, so it’s legit).

      1. Anonymous

        Anyway. Again thanks again for great game. If you have plans for make you future games multi-languagable mail me and I’ll help you with Russian support.

  17. MarkS00N

    Maybe the reason SoTW isn’t sell as well as Loren on steam due to Loren has existed longer compared to SoTW before it sold on steam?

    I am not saying that SoTW or future game should be hold longer from steam before release it there, I know that I can’t play SoTW without steam due to my limited ability to pay with virtual money (something I can circumvent on steam buying steam wallet using real money) so holding future game from steam might make no clear differences…

    What I mean is, Loren technically has better advertisement even without any advertisement, but by simply exist longer so more people have played it and tell their friends…

    These friends, who one day after Loren release on steam, open their steam and see “Loren” as the title and remember their friend’s story and decide to buy it because their friend like it…

    So, I think, Loren win in sell because it has “advertisement” before its release on steam, which SoTW doesn’t have yet (especially when some people here said that they don’t even realize it is out yet)…

    (Or maybe they like me, thinking SoTW would have better sell and waiting for 50% discount, but then I read this article and decide to buy it on full price, here hoping the game would have better sell on the future)…

    1. admin Post author

      I honestly think it’s just the overcrowded system on Steam right now. On my own site, SOTW sold only 10-15% less than Loren (more or less). So it’s not a lot worse.
      On Steam it sold 10 times (TEN TIMES!) lower than Loren. So clearly the problem is only on Steam, not my own site.
      And the main difference from last year is that now there are too many games released. I read an article that said:
      “Of the 4300+ games on Steam (released 2003), 2500 have been added in the last 18 months.”
      that says all I think!!! an average of 4 new games a day! lol

  18. 2xs

    I agree the biggest issue is the flood of games especially the dumping of old catalogs by people like 2k. That should eventually settle down, but for the time being it is going to be very crowded. There are also now far more independent developers trying to release games. I really want to see them do something to remove early access games to a separate page or something.

    By the way I have loved your games, I currently own, Loren, Roommates, Planet Stronghold, and Seasons of the Wolf. Loren has the strongest story far and away, and I have noticed that the games that tried to really improve on the gameplay aspect have been the weakest story wise. Planet Stronghold had virtually no story and many of the characters were weaker for it, especially the main characters. Wolf is a far better story and characters than stronghold, but still far behind Roommates which is a far amount behind Loren. Obviously I am more interested in the Aravorn world setting as a D&D player of 35 years, but I like a good story no matter the setting.

    I am currently planning on running Loren’s story as a campaign with my players, and hopefully that might win you a few more converts if I can do the story the justice it deserves. I am looking forward to all future products based around the Aravorn setting.

    Thanks for making great stories.

  19. Question

    Did you send SOTW out to reviewers? I remember seeing reviews for LTAP but not for SOTW…I mean maybe that doesnt help all that much but it could be part of the problem

    1. admin Post author

      Yes I did.
      But the problem was Steam sales, and as I already posted (I think) it’s not about my game. A lot of other indies had very poor results now that Steam was flooded with titles. So that’s the only real problem, which I can’t solve myself πŸ™‚

  20. RPGatWill

    I really do like SOTW, but let me state some things I don’t think have been mentioned while addressing a few that have been.

    Firstly, the name. I didn’t even know this was set in the same universe as Loren the Amazon Princess until I was looking at it on your page. Once I did notice it, I ended up buying it pretty quickly. however, until then I remember passing it up quite a few times because I was thinking “I’ll wait for Loren 2 instead of playing a game in a different universe.” The title really was a bit of an unfortunate choice. Sadly, I can’t say I have any better ideas, and once I played the game the title quickly grew on me (With the Wolf, references to the party being a wolf pack, etc.) but I did pass it a few times because of the title alone.

    Secondly, a compliment: The gameplay in this game is vastly improved from Loren the Amazon Princess. The traveling system is much more interesting an intuitive, prompting you to explore everything you can for rewards. The grinding feels much more optional in this game (Though I play on normal so maybe I’m a scrub) than in Loren, where there were some fights that I spent hours grinding just to get curb stomped anyway. I hope you keep this system or improve on it in the next RPG you do.

    Thirdly, the characters. While I will say this cast is probably more fleshed out over all than in Loren, I’ll also say it felt less… fulfilling. I think, and this may be me, but the limited romance options kind of hurt. In Loren (Including the DLC) there were at least 3 opposite and 2 same sex couplings you could go for with each character. This made the prospect of multiple playthroughs much more appealing. Similarly, separate branches in the storyline (Like the choice in Act 1 between Draco and Dora’s plans) resulted in interesting differences the story could take. It felt like Loren had a lot more content than maybe was actually there. The fact that you could talk to all your party members and not only one or two in between chapters was also my preference, since it didn’t feel like it was trying to force me to play through twice just to talk with the other party member.

    Fourth: another compliment I forgot in the second paragraph. The Fame system in SOTW is tons better than Loren. getting it for the quests you take to help towns is tons better then grinding them out. Also, the character creator in this game is better because you included mages as a choice as well.

    Personally, and again I could be wrong, but the lack of extra romances in SOTW feels like what may not have drawn many people. one choice for each, while offering multiple plays all the same, means I need to play pretty differently from myself on those playthroughs, which just isn’t very likely to happen. Still love the game, and hopefully something I said helped. Or it was just a bunch of rambling. That can happen.

    1. admin Post author

      Yep, that was it (I think I posted in another comment or in forums). The main “problem” was the romances/camp talk, something I’ll make sure to address in all future RPG games πŸ™‚


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