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Since the whole game takes place on the Island of Trigue, the scene above with Liz is part of a series of flashbacks that Sybil has during the game. That one above in particular is when Liz confesses her love to Sybil during an apparently innocent night out to watch a movie… 😉

Introducing Liz

Liz is a somewhat shy, nerdy woman who dreams of becoming a successful author one day. In particular, her imagination was captured by the great fantasy epics she read as a child, and she hopes to be able to write similar stories herself. Thus far, she has failed utterly at achieving her dreams. But thanks to the encouragement of someone very close to her, she has not given up. She continues to work hard on her stories, while holding down a steady job in retail.

Liz is Sybil’s girlfriend at the start of the game, and the two have been dating for quite a while. Though they were classmates in high school, they never interacted with each other much back then. Instead they later encountered each other as adults, and almost immediately hit it off at that moment. They now live together in Liz’s apartment, and have a fairly comfortable and happy life together.

Or at least that’s what it seemed like to Sybil. Unfortunately, Liz was not actually sharing everything with her. Sybil and Liz’s relationship comes crashing down, and does so very badly. Thus Liz ends up staying behind as Sybil goes off heartbroken, on what was originally supposed to be a two week romantic vacation in Trigue for the two of them together.

This “two week vacation” of course turns into a stay much longer than Sybil originally intended. Despite this, Liz’s influence on Sybil’s life, and perhaps even her presence in it, may not be entirely over.

A few updates

I posted about this in forums already: brace yourself, Nicole yuri won’t be out this year! 😀 Haha OK, OK wait. The game writing it’s at good point: however it needs to be fully coded/scripted, and even going at full-speed that will take at least 1 month or maybe 1 and half.

Plus, the new ending CGs needs to be done: the story has been greatly revamped from the original idea. I knew it, and approved the choice, since having same culprit as the otome game would make the game less fun 😉

I plan to put the game in beta and do the pre-orders even if the final CGs aren’t ready in any case. So, maybe the beta will be out before end of this year.

Work on Queen Of Thieves instead is making progress fast: I almost finished the last level, it’s taking a bit more because I want to have some very tough battles. Below you see the final boss of level 8:


Can you imagine what there’ll be on level 9 then!?!? A Lich King? Uhm… yes, but not just that! Also, I’m happy about the catacomb backstory that the writer and I put together. This part can be played independently from the main game, but if you do it you’ll discover “a secret about a character and that will help you during the final stages”. Can’t say more than that for now 😉

There are still all the romance CGs to draw, so I’m unsure how long that will take for the artist, but I believe it should be done by end of year. Even in this case I could surely start beta testing even without them, since there’s all the RPG/robbery/catacomb exploration to test carefully.

Last but not least, PSCD cards are at good point and will be probably done by mid-September. Coder has resumed working on the system, and I should have something to show next month maybe. Still need to commission the GUI but that will be last once I made my mind on the card rules, etc.

Damn it, I knew it. I’ll probably have at same time two games with all texts, art and coding framework done, only awaiting me to finish them 🙂 Then I guess I’ll flip a coin and decide which one to finish first!

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14 Responses to Summer In Trigue – Liz

  1. Xarena says:

    What’s going on with your boy yaoi game?

  2. Salbird says:

    It’s nice Liz got an intro! I’ve been curious about her relationship with Sybil. Wonder if getting back together with her is still an option?

    • admin says:

      Well, all I can say for now is that there’ll be several flashbacks with her during the story. So it’s like if she was an extra character, though a bit unique since she WAS already romanced! But there could be some surprises at the end… 😉

  3. Alex Strand says:

    Love the summer in Trigue characters (Sybil the smug looking librarian lady`s a great character too) and looking forward to -finally- shop some Winterwolves games 🙂

    Thanks for the Nicole update too, the first game as A+ material, and happy to see you still put quality first in your games.

    With most every WW release, quality has increased. Means we`ve still got a lot to look forward to. (my upcoming favourites? Cursed Lands, Loren 2, Planet Stronghold 2, Nicole too. Really happy to see games like Queen of Thieves and Undead Lily are also getting attention, they`re perhaps the WInterwolves games with the longest development time?

    Even Amber`s shop (which I …incredibly just recently “discovered” on the forums looks quite interesting)

    I`ve got a few developers who`s games I almost automacially buy on my list, and alongside Winterwolves, there are companies like Bioware, Obsidian.
    ^^ Winterwolves is in good company.

    • admin says:

      Thanks 🙂
      Yes some games are in development since long… but not continuously. For example I started Queen Of Thieves in 2011, then in practice paused it until Fall last year! This is due to various problems/delays, but in this case was a good thing since before Loren I didn’t have a good RPG framework to use. Now I reused a modified version of SOTW with all the various improvements made 🙂

    • Helene says:

      …..:p not every person wearing glasses is a librarian

  4. xrenx says:


    Use a D20 to decide, it’s going to be more fun!

  5. Shawn says:

    I’m looking forward to all of this. Nice progress. Thanks!

  6. Matt says:

    That lich king looks badass.

  7. Maria says:

    Really looking forward to Summer in Trigue coming out! 🙂 Will you be introducing the character of Grace in next week’s blog post? She’s so cute! XD

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