Future card games and update

Future card games


So about 10 days passed since I released my card game PSCD. It was my first card game, and as you can imagine I was unsure about the results. If I compare it to my latest game, the RPG Seasons Of The Wolf, I can see that PSCD revenues are about 3 times less.

But it’s NOT bad as it sounds! First of all, SOTW was based on an existing world, so many players who liked Loren could potentially like that one as well (especially since I now I am implementing a “VN Mode” for it as well!) and was a RPG. It was also $25 vs $20.

Regarding PSCD, since it has also a story, and many of my players buy the games for the story, I won’t have any real data until the game is on Steam where a bigger audience will judge it (even those who aren’t much into stories but like more the gameplay). It will probably be around March.

Anyway I was saying that even if the sales ratio remains the same, I need to take into account a very important thing: time/money spent. As for money I spent a bit more on PSCD than SOTW (but not by much) but regarding time…! I spent 10 months coding SOTW back in 2014, while I spent 3 months (and not even all of them full time since I was following other projects) doing PSCD.

So this means that even if PSCD keeps selling at 1/3 of SOTW, it will still be a better ROI for me 🙂 Yes because as you can imagine is better for me to work 3 months on something, than 10 months.

This means that I will probably be doing more card games, besides the already planned Undead Lily. As always I’ll use the same base engine, but probably modify the rules a bit, since I like to experiment every new game I make.

C14 Dating update

Now to the best news of this week: it looks like that C14 Dating might be out very soon! I don’t want to say any date yet, but really I think maximum next month the beta should start. The final release depends on the beta as always but since it’s not a complex-gameplay game, it shouldn’t take long. Currently the coder is finishing/testing the various minigames like the one below:


Queen Of Thieves update

Progress on Queen Of Thieves have been made this week as well: all the otome CG images are done, and I almost finished coding the last part of the robbery mini game. While there’s still some writing left (and probably some more art/adjustment needed), even this game looks like could be ready for this Summer 🙂


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10 Responses to Future card games and update

  1. Neria says:

    I would like to try PSCD Demo, but I can’t access the home page, as well the download page. Is it a site problem or my problem? I Have windows 10 and use Firefox and Chrome

  2. Taina says:

    I would like to give my congratulations to you. I am Brazilian and I loved the pink dolphin legend in Xavier route, and the ending was so much fun whenever I remember beginning to laugh. congratulations!!
    And I look forward for lauch this games.

  3. Ronda says:

    I found your site looking for otome games… old ones uggggg loren is awesome but i see them getting better and beter(loren is not in this because it is so awesome for having some rpg but being mainly otome it is so fun I replay it often. And because of my otome opsession I have played your RPG with otome element games…. sorry found I might have fun playing those but I will now only buy those on sale while any actual otome/dating sim game you release I will buy as soon as I can. And I was very sad to see that you make those as sellers not as what you what to be able to make…..sorry following you I see you want to make great rpg but but that takes so much with the compition while the otome/dating sims you make just for money are so good I feel if you could find a way to enjoy making those you could make some money off of a awesome game

  4. Troyen says:

    Shouldn’t that be “feel their breath on *your* cheek”? 😉

    • admin says:

      I think from now on, I’ll only post screenshots of main menu or combat screens…lol
      Or my cats. The cats don’t have typos! 😀

  5. Troyen says:

    The world could always use more cat photos.

    (Alternatively, I guess you could “beta test” your blog screenshots before you post them. 😉 )

  6. hassan says:

    is PSCD ??planet stronghold 2?

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