Heirs & Graces update

Time for an update on this game! Last week I got everything I needed: the last music tracks, the last character images, and chibis. We might add a few more chibis for each love interest, but that won’t matter at this point 🙂

Anyway, I was saying that I pretty much finished the scheduler design. You can see a screenshot below:


The screenshot is slightly outdated, indeed now there are 32 weeks of time, and there’s also a relationship tab next to the stats & skills, to check anytime your current relationship with the four dateable boys.

I designed the scheduler to minimize the grinding as much as possible. You still need to plan the week, but then once you click start the events will play (like Roommates for example) and the stats/relationship will increase accordingly, and the scenes will trigger.


Speaking of scenes, there are 15 main scenes + a final one. On each main plot scene (which will always play, no matter who you romance) there will be skill checks. If you pass them, you’ll gain Reputation points. At the end of the game, if you have at least 80 reputation, you’ll unlock special endings.

I have playtested it a lot, and in Normal mode is possible to win, though you need to plan the week carefully (and probably write down each skill check, since they always appear in same order). In Easy mode… will be hard to lose 😉

This system is fun because there’s still some strategy involved. Even if the outcome for each activity is randomized, the values are so close, and the number of events are so many, that if you lose, it won’t be because of the random factor. I played it several times and planning it correctly, I always won (you can gain Reputation also outside of those main plot checks).

After all this you might ask…

So, what’s left to do? Can we play it now!?!?


Patience, my friends! The writer already scripted all the scenes, however I need to manually review all of them, adding some extra sound effects, music, GUI, etc. There are 16 main scenes (the last one is very long), and each boy has 10 scenes each, so 40 romance scenes in total. Plus, some very interesting jealousy scenes, 6 in total.

The total amount of scenes is: 16+6+40 = 62 scenes! I have already started “reviewing them”, but I was mostly busy with the gameplay mechanics. I think I should be able to do 4-5 scenes a day, maybe more if they’re “easy” (depends on where they take place, characters involved, etc so I can’t really know beforehand).

Which means it should take me between 15-20 days to finish this. Could be less or slightly more depending on the other things I must do. Anyway as you can see, the beta is very close 🙂 I’m curious to see how this will do, since it’s my first yaoi only game!

C14 Dating now out on Steam

I decided to release this game today, it was scheduled for next week but since it was ready… why wait? 🙂

You can get the game on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/451640/

As always if you bought the game directly you’ll be able to redeem the Steam keys for free here: http://www.bestanimegames.com/steam/

(please allow a couple of days since I just requested the keys from Steam and might take a bit before they approve them).

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9 Responses to Heirs & Graces update

  1. daikiraikimi says:

    Aaaaaaah, I love love love that GUI for Heirs & Graces. OwO LOVE.

    Also, Yay C14! Totes getting it right now…

  2. Xarena says:

    What’s a GUI? I want to know what’s so amazing it’s probably super obvious so don’t make to much fun of me please? 😛

  3. Coronaile says:

    Umm so i bought the game recently and i saw this http://puu.sh/qSaAY/9b52acf984.PNG.
    though the characters are so well written personality and such
    hmm but i think i like Kamal the most. Ooh i love how they refer to their other games like Loren too since i bought that game on steam i enjoyed it so much too
    p.s. sorry for my bad english

  4. Yaoiaddict says:

    I really really really love the game! But the problem is, i kind of don’t know how it works. Mostly about tha reputation levelling part. How can i level up and prevent a bad ending from happening? I want to the the eloy and kamal romance scenes so bad!!!!

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