Titles coming out in the next months

First, a picture of Nuvola half-asleep. That’s how I feel now too!

I have several games in the works, so I thought to make a summary/point of the situation of the titles that hopefully will be out in the next months (from May to end of year in practice).

Remember that I’ll need to take a break between each release, and I also still need to do the mobile versions of PSCD and C14 Dating. And of course, there could be some unexpected issues/real-life problems that will delay me.

Because of this, I really cannot say exactly when a game is out, unless I expliticly say it in the list below. The only thing I am 100% sure, it’s the order in which they’ll come out. Let’s see:

Heirs and Graces


I have finished scripting the main plot events, Kamal events, and I’m at good point with the other 3 characters too (though not done yet).

If I can keep this pace, I think a beta demo by mid-May should definitely happen!


One thing I love of this game are the various references to the Aravorn fantasy universe (as you can see in the screenshots above). Anyone who played Loren or SOTW will notice them, and I hope it will make people happy as I am 🙂

PSCD DLC/free update

After Heirs & Graces I’ll need to decide what to do with PSCD. As you know, doing another “story DLC” was too much work, so I gave up the idea. I wanted to just add the extra romances to the base game, since they’re all done. However it means I’d waste the 24-something new cards that are already designed… so I’m reconsidering the possibility to maybe add a “free play” mode or something like that, so they’re not wasted (but at same time, I don’t need to go crazy to balance the cards for the missions). For now I haven’t decided anything yet.

Anyway, I’ll probably make some experiments and then decide what to do.

Queen Of Thieves

It’s probably my most awaited title this year! I am missing only the last 4 CG images from the artist, and I need to code about 5-6 custom missions, plus the final fight. I think everything considered it’s about 1 month of work for me (artist said should have all done by end of May).

That means the beta should finally start this Summer! 🙂

Never Forget Me

In the next 2-3 months I should get the last CG images for this game, after that, I have all the text, music and images. However, I still need to figure out a small detail… the gameplay part!

The game is structured differently from all my other dating sims, since you don’t start as single, but you choose who you ended up with in the first game, and from there the story unfolds. But it’s not like you can pursue more than one character… at least, not one of the four main ones 😉

So I need to find a way to make a stat-raiser, or better some other gameplay. I could also just release it as a pure visual novel, but if I can find an idea, I’ll try that first.

Love Bites

The storyboarding stage is basically done, and while it’s in practice the latest game that started production, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out before end of year. The writer is very fast (and good) and she estimated that the story could be done before end of Summer.

Obviously, once the story is done there’s still to put everything together, and depends how much burned out I will be at that point. Considering all the other games that I should finish this year, I think you can’t blame me if I’ll take it a bit easier! 😉

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6 Responses to Titles coming out in the next months

  1. marjan says:

    hi im a big fan of your works…specially the rpg’s(granted I only played loren,planet stronghold and season of the wolf but I played the s**t out of them 100% those babies) I check for updates every day….not that im complaining….but I could do without never forget me and pscd dlc(I live in iran and I don’t have the means to pay for games with credit cards and such…I can only download games illegaly for free….sorry,and pscd just like haileen and spirited hearts can not be found…for free at least lol) but great job none the less ,way better than last year….im dying to play queen of thieves and and even love bites still waiting for your amazing upcoming games:loren 2 /planet stronghold 2/undead lily/roger steel/cursed lands and summer in trigue….. I didn’t mention heirs and graces but still gonna try it…so don’t worry
    ps: if your wondering marjan is actually my name(a girls name obviously cuz its named after a valuable stone gem thingy its like a ruby but more green lol)
    another ps: more redhead yuri options please….thank you

  2. Caitlin says:

    What about the yuri version of Nicole? We’ve been seeing promises of it since the original Nicole came out in 2014. I’d love to see it.

  3. Xarena says:

    I defintley like more references to Loren though I can’t imagine any better one then in Winter Wolves where you find that chicken recipe it was awesome keep the references coming. 🙂

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