Happy Thanksgiving + Promo Sale

First of all, to all my Americans followers, Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

I am doing a sale on itch.io: https://winter-wolves.itch.io/
And of course on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=Winter%20Wolves

Every purchase on itch.io comes with a free Steam key. You might have also noticed that I started pre-orders there for both Cursed Lands and Love Bites. Usually I don’t like to do pre-orders much, but in this case both games are in a very advanced state (as you know if you read the previous blog post) and since some people asked, I thought to do it.

Some news

In the image above, one of the animated intros of the various vampire boss fights

And now some updates:

  • We’ve decided to use the same artist who did the PSCD manga version to do the romance CG of Volleyball Heaven. So you know what to expect… HOT STUFF!
  • I’ve finished coding the four “vampire lieutenant boss fights” for Cursed Lands. Each boss fight can be won peacefully using social talents. Or if you want, you can just exterminate them all and get the achievement of “vampire killer”! Expect a beta demo featuring a good amount of the game story next month.
  • I’ll make a beta build of Love Bites as soon as both Viktor and Sabrina routes are fully finished (only the romance CG and a few minor scenes left). Maybe I’ll announce it even in next blog post.

That’s everything for now, but hopefully next time I’ll have some more good news 🙂

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