Announcing Queen Of Thieves game

Here’s my cat Leon sleeping seen from a very fun perspective 😀 It’s one of my favourite pics of my cats.

In the image above instead you see the three main characters of my new game “Queen Of Thieves”. Before you say “what, another game in production!” – just know that all those games I’m announcing are just in the EARLY STAGES. It means that this game might be not ready before Christmas! Remember Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook? I announced it in July 2010 and is not out yet… and that’s just an example 🙂

So, don’t get too excited or start thinking “how can he make so many games” and so on. Simply, nowadays if you want to survive as full-time indie you either have to make a BIG game that must also be successful (and it’s very difficult) or produce games at faster pace. Since I like to create stories and design gameplay, the latter solution fits me more than the former.

By the way don’t worry – I will write the main plot of Queen Of Thieves but the actual dialogues will be written by a native English speaker. I’m thinking about the same person who edited Vera Blanc texts since she did a very good job.

So what’s the game about? Without revealing too much, the story is about three girls who gets their mother killed when they’re young (I might change this and have her imprisoned rather than killed!). Her mother was the famous Queen of Thieves, so when the three girls grow up they’ll pursue the same “career” as their mother, with the help of Sambo, their father, who runs a shop in town.

The three girls are from left to right: Thalia, swift rogue, Joanne, powerful wizard, and Kira, deadly warrior. They’re all of three thieves, but each one has a specific training, what would be a Class in a RPG. Indeed this game will have strong RPG influence even if I am not sure yet it will be a real RPG. There will be battles but I’d like it to have more gameplay elements beside battles, so for now I’ll classify it as “strategy game”.

So I was saying ,each girl is a thief, but every one does it her own way. Thalia is the most close to the classic thief, and her skills involves sneaking, hiding in shadows, lockpicking, backstabbing, using light armor and dual wield and so on. Joanne is a wizard so can use magic for most of her task like opening door/locks, levitating, becoming invisible, charming guards, etc. Kira instead is the classic tough warrior: she’ll prefer to bash open door and locks, and will be able to defeat guards fighting them.

The main idea of the game is that you have to do both “solo” missions, so you can pick any character you want and have a very different gameplay experience, and have missions where you need to use all of the three characters, taking advantage of each class-specific skill.

Okay, that’s all for now, I’ve revealed even too much about this game! 😉

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6 Responses to Announcing Queen Of Thieves game

  1. Carmentis says:

    *gasp* You forgot an important aspect! romance options? (*??-)?(-??*)

    • admin says:

      Heh, one thing at time 😉 There will be, and many different combinations… in practice 3 dateable male characters that can match each of the 3 girls for a total of 3 x 3 = 9 different romance endings 🙂

  2. Wyvern says:

    Love the artwork! Did you draw that yourself?

    • admin says:

      Lol no, I wish I could draw so well!! 😀 is the official artist of the game, that will also color them and do backgrounds, items, etc.

  3. Wyvern says:

    So who’s the artist? Does he/she have a website?

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