Experimenting is fun

If you follow me from the early days you already know that I like to experiment. I like to mix game genres, or at least try new things/features in existing genres.

That’s what for example pushed me to add the Social Boss Fights in Bionic Heart 2. By the way the official video is now on youtube, see it below:

And is why I’m trying to add a simplified (it won’t be Sim City of course!) colony simulation metagame in Planet Stronghold 2:

Planet Stronghold 2 colony sim

As always they’re early work in progress screenshots, but you can get the idea of what we’re trying to do. I think will be interesting to integrate the colony sim with the RPG gameplay. While we’re still working on the details, there will be some influence of the RPG part to the colony sim and vice versa.  Of course playing in Easy mode will reduce the overall difficulty, while playing in Hard mode might be interesting since you’ll have to balance both the RPG and colony building simulation aspects.

Many quests will be directly linked to the colony expansion (like acquiring new blueprints to build new building), so it will also work plot-wise.  You can see now why Planet Stronghold 2 is taking so long, it’s definitely an ambitious game! 😉

At same time, I’m trying a new GUI/gameplay system on the dating sim Nicole:


instead of the game map like Always Remember Me, I’m going to try using a simplified interface, showing “pictures” that are places you can visit. Then each place will offer a variety of actions that change based on the plot, time of day, day of week, like Always Remember Me.

I’m going to try to experiment also on the plot: I thought today that rather than having a “alone ending” if you fail to romance anyone, the game will end in a different way… since there’s an abductor in the campus, the final scene will see our poor Nicole being kidnapped (of course without revealing who it is, so doesn’t spoil the fun).

More scary than the usual otome games? well for sure, but I think will be very interesting…mouhahaha 😉

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13 Responses to Experimenting is fun

  1. daikiraikimi says:

    I like your ideas and am definitely looking forward to both Planet Stronghold 2 and Nicole.

    I had one comment to make about excluding the “alone” ending and having Nicole be kidnapped– if it’s set up that way then it seems like there is no way for Nicole to solve the mystery unless she gets romantically involved with someone. Also, it makes it feel like if you don’t romance enough then there is no way to win the game.

    • admin says:

      Yes is true… but because all the scenes where you solve the case, another character is involved (will help you). That’s the reason. Anyway I understand what you’re saying and will discuss it with the writer!

  2. Yuri says:

    I, too agree with daikiraikimi here. It feels as if the alone ending is punishing players by awarding them with a bad ending. Instead is it not possible to solve the case and get a good ending without romancing but still being friendly with everyone? Or maybe a stat check on the 4 categories (creativity etc) allows her to find the killer… etc etc.

    Anyway, looking forward to all your games!

    • admin says:

      Np I found already a solution, we’ll allow the player to solve the case even if ends alone (without a romance ending). I thought it was necessary to have a partner but after checking the art, is possible to do it alone 🙂

  3. Chancho says:

    How many girl x girl will be in Nicole? 4? I’m really getting excited for this game to come out. Can’t wait to pre-order it! Best of wishes you guys are great!

  4. Wander says:

    How close is Planet Stronghold 2? I need more Tom Shatz, the man with the greatest name in the history of video games.

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  7. If you plan to put that mini colonizing game in Planet Stronghold 2 I will love it forever (and ask for the code) I love games where I can manage things, like Sim City. Look forward to Planet Stronghold 2

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