Happy Easter

First of all want to wish you Happy Easter! 🙂

Second, Always Remember Me is finally released on Steam, after a week of delay! Sorry about that.
Check it out here and spread the word: http://store.steampowered.com/app/291030

Seasons Of the Wolf update

As you know if you follow me in the social networks, my efforts now are all focused on finishing the first season of the RPG Seasons Of The Wolf. I’ve said it already but worth repeating: the first seasons doesn’t mean 1/4 of the game! The first is shorter than the others, even if now I’m adding several sidequests to make it longer. Also will feature only 3 characters, Althea, Shea and Vaelis, so no romance dialogues. But worry not, they’ll come later in the story.

powerratmenDon’t be fooled by their cute appearance, ratmen encounters are tough!

So far coded two sidequests. Some were written with the help of an additional writer, others, shorter ones I’ll write them myself. Of course, will proofread them too 😉

At same time I’ve done some last tweaks to the game framework/rules. I can still do a few tweaks until I go on in season two. So that’s why I plan to make an open beta and let people play the first season: if there are some MINOR changes that can be done (not rewrite all the skills for example!) that beta will be good to find them out.

One of the tweaks is the cost of allocating each attribute point

For example, I discovered that the attribute points allocation needed some tweaks. Before was 1 attribute point to increase each attribute. But I shortly realized that this way, if you put ALL of them in Constitution (which raises HP) at the end of the game you would get 750HP which is a “bit too much” 😀

Same issues happened with other attributes as well, so I used an “old trick”, increasing the cost of each attribute increase based on the level (as explained in the screenshot’s text above).

Going back to work now, because I’m still trying to finish the 1st Season by end of month, even if won’t be easy 😉

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6 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. Alex says:

    Would love to spread the word about Always Remember Me on Steam too (I -do- own and enjoy the game) , though with some hours of play with the Steam version I could perhaps put out a nice review too 🙂 (=> registered with this email adress)

    Again -really- looking forward to Season of the Wolf, don’t rush this game , I love how it’s shaping up (could be your best rpg yet? I sincerely hope so ,as you’ve kept raising the bar with every game so far)

    • admin says:

      you can redeem Steam codes if you bought direct here:

      About SOTW, I think as gameplay is already my best RPG, just because of the amount of new features and improvements on the framework. As for the story, I hope people will understand that is not Loren, and won’t expect a tons of romances/romantic scenes. But the story itself is good I think!

  2. christine says:

    After finally buying Nichole, I’m kinda disappointed. I finished the game with like 85% for one love interest. I ended the game alone. I put out some serious cash for money in game because the chances to increase my relationships grew fewer and fewer. So not only did I buy the game, but I spent at least 10$ in game. The gifts were too expensive since without buying cash, each job you picked up you could only work once a day, just during the day and they only paid up to 10$. I also feel that the game should continue past 1st semester, especially if you pay for it. What else gets me is someone was posting in forums about making some of the games free. Yes, I am aware there is a free trial, great, wonderful. But some of your games are upwards in the 20$ range. I paid for one and am a bit disappointed and I want to see if there are others that are better, but I have no proofbit Weill be and with the whole game price and if it’s that hard in game to make money, I feel like I would be ripped off.

    What is the likely hood of a second Nichole? When it ended, I felt like I was just getting a handle on things, and the horrible way I felt,ending alone, when I took the game advice and pressed harder on a romance buying gifts. I want more so I can feel justified in all the effort.

  3. CNS says:

    Will SOTW feature any characters, locations, or references to/from Loren?

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