Queen Of Thieves beta


Yes, finally the game beta is ready! You can get more info and pre-purchase here:

Like always, during beta you need to visit my forums to know the download link, since it always changes based on the game version.

Of course even if it’s a simplified RPG, it’s still a RPG: so expect a longer beta testing period than my previous two games (C14 Dating and Heirs And Graces) ! However if you’re willing to help me and try the beta and report bugs, I will be very thankful 🙂


Non RPG players will also be happy to know that I’ve added a “Visual Novel Mode” even to this game, since it’s a feature that seems popular. Besides those who don’t like or aren’t good with RPGs, VN Mode is also useful to replay the game quickly, maybe to try other romances / alternate endings.

As I posted in the forums already, what I’m looking for mostly is feedback about the game pacing: since in the story you need to unlock several scenes by reaching a certain money threshold every time (like 1000 gold, 2500 gold, etc). I want to know if the amount of time needed to reach each step is OK, or could be made faster (or maybe slower).

I am also thinking that maybe I could even add in the options screen a sort of slider to adjust the game pacing:

Slow: you get less money and experience from fights
Fast: you get more money and more experience from fights

This way if you like to play the battles and unlock the skills slowly (in practice if you like grinding!) you could pick the first option, otherwise the second. It’s just an idea of course so I don’t know if I’ll actually add this feature, but I think could make sense to do that.

The game is still missing a few main plot CGs and some background images, but in the past days a lot of testing has been done already, and I got several people that reached the end successfully.

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12 Responses to Queen Of Thieves beta

  1. Xarena says:

    I’ve got to say so far it seems a lot of fun I can’t buy it now so I didn’t go through the full thing but I like what I see so far.

    • admin says:

      Thanks 🙂 it will still be in beta for a while I think.

      • Bob The Mob says:

        You said “a while”–just Curious, how long does that mean, Jack?

        I ask since I’m EAGER to get this for my Kindle; the wait is KILLIN me!!!!!! (Which is meant as a compliment to you and your team, rather than a complaint. 😀 )

        • admin says:

          I don’t know honestly, but I think maybe a month? It’s a RPG so should take longer. But maybe this time won’t 🙂

  2. Xarena says:

    Oh I forget to say this earlier I love that there’s a visual novel mode. 😀

  3. glenn3e says:

    I will buy when released, meanwhile trying the beta….

    • glenn3e says:

      A little feedback:

      I think there should be a respec option, that perhaps should be free for level 1 and require gold the higher level you are. Reason is for my playthrough up to level 3 I kind of destroyed Thalia by putting skills in the wrong tree and making her pretty bad. I wished there was some room for error to try out different skills before you commit to a particular branch at a higher level.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for the suggestion, I never coded it in my other RPGs, but I guess I could try to do it on next update 🙂

  4. Tanagashima says:

    great game as always! id order it now but i am buying th new star ocean tomorrow so i will have to wait 2 more weeks. i love the beta so far but a quick recommendation might be to explain ho to get events with the romance options they seem to just randomly appear id like to know when i can expect the like are they around only on certain days or do you have to wait so many days between interactions? only other problem is missing cgs but its a beta and you said some were missing so i expected it. other than that i love it looking forward to the full release.

    • admin says:

      Yes the characters appears after X days have passed, usually in 2-3 fixed locations. But since I display the portraits in the map I think is easier enough to know when someone is available?

  5. hassan says:

    i love your betas/demos it lets me know it i want to buy the game

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